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Celebration of the Refreshing Bamboo Forest: Juknokwon

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Looking for a natural paradise where you can enjoy lush forests and fresh air? 

How about visiting Damyang's "Juknokwon" to find relaxation and tranquility in life?🥰


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Juknokwon, located in Damyang County, is a vast bamboo forest covering approximately 160,000 square meters.🎋


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Shall we explore more about the fascinating Juknokwon of Damyang?


The Meaning of Juknokwon


Juknokwon means “a green garden where bamboo grows densely”.

It is one of the beautiful parks in Korea themed around bamboo.



The Beauty of the Straight Bamboo Forest


What thoughts come to mind when you see bamboo, standing tall and unchanged throughout the seasons? 

Whenever I gaze at bamboo, I always think of healing and strength!❤️‍🩹


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At Juknokwon, you can experience the beauty of the bamboo forestforest🎋, which can make you forget the stresses of your daily life. Walking along the long bamboo paths, feel the warm sunlight filtering through the bamboo leaves and the cool breeze between the trees🌳. 


Listen to the rustling sound of the bamboo leaves and immerse yourself in the natural melody🎵.



Various Themed Walking Trails

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Juknokwon offers various themed walking trails spanning 2.2 kilometers in total. 



You can explore attractions like the Ecological Exhibition Hall, Artificial Waterfall💦, and Ecological Pond, all while breathing in the fresh air of nature.🌱



Juknokwon in Every Season

Juknokwon boasts different charms in each season.



🌿Spring & Summer🌻

Fresh green leaves and cool breezes relieve the summer heat.🍉




The meeting of bamboo and autumn foliage provides a leisurely time to relieve urban fatigue.

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Straight bamboo and snowy landscapes create a picturesque scene.⛄️

©Juknokwon offcial Website 


If you're in need of a true healing journey during your trip to Korea, why not choose Juknokwon?



Now, are you ready to set off on your Juknokwon adventure?😘

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