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A Village Where Art and Nature Merge: Huinnyeoul Cultural Village

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In Busan's Yeongdo, there's a place creating everyday art in harmony✨ with the sea~

It's called the “Huinnyeoul Cultural Village.”

This place is home to the winding Huinnyeoul Road, which resembles the waves rolling along the sea.

Let's take a closer look at Huinnyeoul Village before we visit, shall we?😄



The Meaning of Huinnyeoul


The Korean pronunciation of Huinnyeoul Cultural Village is "Huinn Yeoul Munhwa Ma-eul".

This is a fishing village and cultural village named after the white foam created when waves🌊 hit the rocks. Another interpretation is that when walking along the White Wave Road, it resembles a winding stream, giving the impression of snowfall, hence the name.🧐


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Wouldn't it be even more delightful to see the white foam created by the waves here now? 



The Beginning of Huinnyeoul Cultural Village



The Huinnyeoul Cultural Village was formed after the war, as refugees gathered to live here, marking the start of its history as a place of life!


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Looking at the small houses🏡 tightly packed together in narrow alleyways, you get a sense of the community and care for each other's lives~

Moreover, it has now established itself as a cultural village community in cooperation with the village residents.🤗



A Place Boasting Ocean Views


Huinnyeoul Cultural Village is located on the cliffs by the sea, allowing you to experience the beautiful charm of the coast~🤩


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Here, you'll find romantic bookstores with ocean views, as well as charming souvenir shops and cafes☕️, adding to its appeal~


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Enjoy a healing time with a cup of coffee alongside the natural sound of the waves🌊~


⭐️Key Point⭐️


White Rapids Cultural Village is renowned for its beautiful sunset over the sea🌅, making it a notable spot for watching the sunrise as well.



Small Exhibitions Within Yeongdo Village

©KTO-lee Beom Soo


With every step, you'll find phrases that give hope and works that touch the heart, offering a time for healing not just from nature but also joy for your eyes and heart.




There are also photo zones prepared where you can create memories as one with nature~🥰


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The Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel is a beloved photo spot📷 among tourists because it offers the opportunity to capture a combination of three elements at once: the tunnel, the sea🌊, and the sky☁️. 

💕Consider making memories with your loved ones by timing your visit to coincide with the sunset.🌅



A Famous Korean Movie Filming Location

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Huinnyeoul Cultural Village has also been used as a filming location for famous Korean movies.🍿

Notably, the movies “The Attorney” and “Nameless Gangster” captured the village's beautiful scenery and the ambiance of the films well!

It's a special place for fans of Korean cinema.🎬

Shall we take a brief look at the movies🎥 featuring Huinnyeoul Cultural Village?


Huinnyeoul Cultural Village in Busan's Yeongdo, with its unique charm where history and culture blend with the beautiful natural landscape!



Now, are you ready to set off on your Huinnyeoul Cultural Village adventure?😘

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