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Healing Spot in Jeju: Gotjawal

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Gotjawal, a space unique to Jeju where tropical plants from the northern boundary and temperate plants from the southern boundary coexist.

Referred to as Jeju's lungs,🪴Gotjawal is a special place where you can heal with phytoncides from Jeju's forests and the presence of various plants.🌱


Let's delve deeper into Gotjawal, Jeju's lungs, where you can breathe in clear and clean air.🤓



The meaning of Gotjawal

"Gotjawal" is a Jeju dialect term referring to forests where trees, vines, rocks, and other vegetation form dense thickets resembling thick undergrowth. Gotjawal can be found in various locations across Jeju Island.



Where can you find Gotjawal on Jeju Island?

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✔️Hwasun Gotjawal


Hwasun Gotjawal is a forest formed by the fragmentation of volcanic rocks, where various climatic plants coexist, and over 500 rare species of fauna inhabit the area.


🚶It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete a circuit, making it perfect for a leisurely stroll.🚶‍♀️

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Since all walking paths in Gotjawal are unpaved, it is recommended to wear long sleeves🧥 and sneakers👟.


While walking along the trails, visitors can encounter various plants🌱, insects🐜, and other wildlife🦌, providing a sight unseen in urban areas.


In addition to the diverse fauna, there is also enjoyment in viewing various forms of rock formations. Climbing up to the observation deck allows visitors to admire the expansive green landscape💚 of the forest and surrounding hills, creating a mesmerizing scene that captivates the senses.



✔️Cheongsu Gotjawal


Located in Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju City, Cheongsu Gotjawal is the largest habitat for fireflies in Jeju Island, situated in the village of Cheongsu-ri. ✨From mid-June to the summer evenings of July🌛, visitors can witness the enchanting charm created by the fireflies' light, resembling a fairy tale scene.🧚


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Additionally, as it is an eco-friendly area that protects the ecosystem, you can also encounter various wildlife.

It's a space that evokes a sense of responsibility to protect nature, as it is a precious and important habitat for the animals as well.🧐


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Let's take a walk in Cheongsu Gotjawal with the singer 💗IU💗.




Now, Are you ready to set off on your Gotjawal adventure?😘


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