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Picture-perfect Camellia Island: Odongdo


Are you in search of a beautiful coastal city in Korea? Yeosu is a popular tourist destination known for its clear seas and stunning natural landscapes.

In Yeosu, there's an island filled with vibrant red camellia flowers, and that's none other than “Odongdo”.

Odongdo is indeed one of the tourist attractions that forms a breathtaking scene with its expansive sea and red camellia flowers🌺, resembling a painting!


Shall we explore more about the fascinating Odongdo of Yeosu?😉



The Meaning of Odongdo 


"Odongdo" got its name because it's abundant with camellia trees, symbolizing longevity and prosperity, and from afar, the shape of the island resembles camellia leaves.🍃

When you visit Odongdo, you can enjoy not only the lush camellia trees but also rare species of trees spread across the dense forest.🌳 



Beautiful Natural Landscapes

©KTO-IR Studio


Odongdo is filled with fresh sea air🍃 and unique rock formations, offering tourists magnificent views.

Especially within the island, you'll find dense forests with 193 species of various rare species of trees.🌳

When you visit Odongdo🤓, you might discover plant species you've never seen before! 

In 2016, Odongdo even won the highest honor, the Presidential Award, in the field of Korean spatial culture!


Wouldn't you want to explore spaces well-utilized for cultural arts that are scattered all around?



The Red Camellias on the Island


In winter, Odongdo is covered with camellia trees throughout, earning it the nickname “🌺Camellia Island🏝️”.



From January to March, you can witness the fantastic sight of camellias painting the island red!❤️


©KTO-Kim Ji Ho


With over 3,000 camellia trees covering the island, you can experience a festival-like atmosphere filled with beautiful camellia flowers in winter.❄️🌺


©KTO-Kim Ji Ho


Particularly in February, when the camellias are in full bloom🌺, don't miss the chance to visit~



Healing Forest Trails and Lighthouse

©KTO-Kim Ji Ho

The walking trails of Odongdo have been selected as one of Korea's top 100 beautiful paths.


©KTO-Kim Ji Ho


There's a 2.5km forest trail on Odongdo, making it an ideal place for romantic walks hand in hand with your loved ones.🥰



On the day when the camellias are in full bloom💕, enjoy a romantic stroll with a special someone.



In the evening, the sturdy support of fishing boats, the lighthouse, awaits at Odongdo!✨

The lighthouse nestled on Odongdo is also an essential stop that must be visited.


Additionally, there is a song🎧 you must listen to while looking at the Yeosu night sea from Odongdo!

Feel the charm of Odongdo twice as much while listening to a song that matches the calm Yeosu night sea.😙🎵


In winter, experience the feeling of being in a fairy tale as the camellias bloom and the healing breeze from the sea embraces you on Odongdo~



Now, are you ready to set off on your a Odongdo adventure?😘


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