K-TRAVEL | March.26.2024

Exploring the First Village Above the Clouds: Anbandegi


Do you see a landscape that feels like it's almost reaching the sky?✈️

Ever wonder about a place where merely gazing upon it seems to dissolve the urban fatigue😩 and stress😡? 


That place is Anbandegi!😎


Located at an altitude of 1,100 meters, Anbandegi is a highland area renowned as the primary production zone for Korea's highland cabbage.

Furthermore, its elevated position makes it an ideal spot for admiring the brilliance of starlight that illuminates the night sky✨.

Curious about why this destination comes highly recommended?

If Anbandegi has piqued your interest, allow me to unveil the allure of this location from now on!



The Meaning of Anbandegi 


The name "Anbandegi" metaphorically resembles a bowl used in making rice cakes, implying a terrain that is both concave and expansive.🥣

A visit here unveils a landscape dominated by vast cabbage fields, offering a refreshing escape perfect for those moments when you need a breath of fresh air.😌



The Cradle of Highland Cabbage


🥬Upon arriving at Anbandegi, one is immediately greeted by expansive cabbage fields. 


©KTO-Kim Ji Ho


This area is the most extensive highland vegetable farming region in Korea, showcasing endless fields of cabbage that are a rare sight in flat terrains.



Due to the steep inclines, farming here relies heavily on manual labor, ensuring that each cabbage is a testament to the farmers' enduring effort and love. Ascending to the peak, the sight of robust, ripe cabbages speaks volumes of the farmers' dedication.🧑‍🌾



A Spectacular Starry Night Sky

©KTO-Gangwon Ji Sa Moment Studio



Beneath the tranquil night sky, where stars seem to cascade down, it's the perfect setting to make a wish.✨ 



The starlight at Anbandegi promises to bring your wishes to life.🌌


©KTO-Gangwon Ji Sa Moment Studio


In moments of claustrophobia or when troubles weigh heavily on you, seek out this spot to witness the sunrise🌅—watch as all concerns fade into the daylight.



Anbandegi Through the Seasons




In spring, the expansive greenery of the rye grasslands welcomes visitors, 



Decorated by potato blossoms and highland vegetables, the steep hillsides come alive with beauty, 




Autumn brings a vibrant spectacle of foliage unique to the highlands, merging seamlessly with the sky,




And in winter, the snow-covered mountains offer a tranquil, picturesque winter scene.



Now, are you ready to set off on your Anbandegi adventure? 😘


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