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A place where you can closely experience lush pine forests and the sea: Songdo

©KTO-Lee Beom Soo


When thinking of Busan, many often plan to visit Haeundae or Gwangalli, right?

But what if I told you there’s a hidden gem in Busan?🧐

😆That would be Songdo. Today, let’s delve into Songdo, which boasts a century of history in Busan!😁



The Meaning of Songdo


Songdo translates to ‘Pine Island’ reflecting its abundance of pine trees.

Thus, visiting Songdo offers not only pathways enveloped in the refreshing scent of pine but also stunning beaches fringed by dense pine forests.


©KTO-Lee Beom Soo


🌳As its name suggests, Songdo allows you to witness landscapes filled with pine trees at every tourist spot.🌳

Are you ready to embark on a healing journey in Songdo, surrounded by the aroma of pine?



Songdo Beach: A Century of History

©KTO-IR Studio


©KTO-Lee Beom Soo

Songdo Beach is a Busan beach with nearly a century of Korean history.📖

Opened during the Japanese colonial era, it has been a witness to the sorrows and history of the Korean War.🫡

Songdo Beach is cherished for its beautiful emerald beaches🏝️ and long, winding shores.

With its fine sand and clear waters, it’s perfect for leisure activities.


Moreover, Songdo Beach is ranked as the number one healing spot by the 💗STAYC💗 sisters.



What else is there to enjoy in Songdo? 

🤩Follow me!



Feeling Like Walking on Water: Songdo Skywalk

©KTO-Jeon Gye Ok


🚶Stretching about 365 meters along the stunning coastline,🚶

its glass bottom offers the thrill of walking directly over the sea and experiencing the glistening waters up close.



On clear days, 

you can even glimpse the underwater scenery, so keep your eyes peeled!



Experiencing Thrills Over the Sea: Songdo Cable Car



If you wish to take in the expansive blue sea of Songdo in one glance,




the Songdo Cable Car🚡 is for you! 

From its highest point, you can enjoy the view of Songdo Beach and feel the thrill.😬




The Songdo Cable Car features windows and a glass floor for an even more exciting experience.🤩



The Dragon Rising Above the Sea: Songdo Yonggung Cloud Bridge

©KTO-Lee Beom Soo


Does it not resemble a dragon🐉 emerging from the sea?

At the Songdo Yonggung Cloud Bridge, you can enjoy the exhilaration of walking above the sea and the refreshing seascape alongside majestic rocky cliffs. 

Do the dense pine forests catch your eye?🤓



Hidden Stories of Songdo





Is Songdo home to Korea’s first beach?




Turtle IslandIsland🐢 Before being named Songdo, it was called Turtle Island due to the island’s turtle-like shape.


With these hidden tales unveiled, aren’t you even more intrigued to explore Songdo?

Enjoy the beauty of Songdo with the melodious tunes of K-POP🎧 in the video below!

How about a visit to Busan's Songdo with Sandeul and Seunghee~?



Now, are you ready to set off on your Songdo adventure?😘


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