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Tourist Destination Dubbed the Santorini of Korea: Gamcheon Culture Village


Have you ever heard of a quaint art museum🎨 tucked away in a village in Busan, South Korea?

Well, that's none other than Gamcheon Culture Village, one of the most picturesque and lively spots in the Republic of Korea!


This place boasts a charming hilly village adorned with a vibrant pastel ambiance, and art pieces are tucked away in every corner.

That's why it's also referred to as the "Oriental Santorini”😀



It's not only a visual delight but also a testament to South Korea's rich history and artistic flair.

Shall we now explore Gamcheon Culture Village together?😘



The Meaning of Gamcheon Culture Village


The Korean pronunciation of Gamcheon Culture Village is "Gam Cheon Munhwa Ma-eul".

Gamcheon Culture Village derives its name from the meaning of “a sweet stream flowing” blending sweet art and culture with the sea to create a fantastic village.



After witnessing the colorful landscapes of Gamcheon Culture, the significance of its name becomes even more apparent.



Colorful small art spaces


The unique charm of Gamcheon lies in its orderly arrangement of terraced houses along the hillside and the maze-like alleys that crisscross each street!


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Furthermore, it's a place where you can delight in the beauty of charming houses painted in pastel tones and artistic works🧑‍🎨 depicted in murals scattered throughout.

Especially in Gamcheon Culture Village, where art enthusiasts gather to live, various experiences are offered for you to enjoy.😉

Don't forget to take a mandatory snapshot with the charming Little Prince🌹 and the adorable desert fox🦊, adding to the allure of Gamcheon's cultural background!



In 2016, it even won the highest honor, the Presidential Award🥇, in the field of Korean spatial culture, didn't it?

Wouldn't you want to explore spaces well-utilized for cultural arts that are scattered all around?😊



A breathtaking ocean view at a glance


When you reach the top of Gamcheon Culture Village,😎 you can enjoy a fantastic view where the expansive, azure sea harmonizes with pastel rooftops.

Can you see the sprawling sea in the distance?


Day and night of Gamcheon Culture Village

The atmosphere of Gamcheon Culture Village completely changes between day and night~

During the day☀️, if you've enjoyed the vibrant neighborhood adorned with colorful pastel hues,



At night✨, the colorful neighborhood disappears, and you can encounter a warm atmosphere illuminated by bright lights in the dark night!



How about taking some time to delve a little deeper into Gamcheon Culture?



Hidden stories of Gamcheon Culture


Was Gamcheon Culture Village always an art village?

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As I mentioned earlier, Gamcheon Culture Village has deep roots in Korean history, right?

This place served as a refuge for refugees who gathered to help each other during the Korean War in 1950.

It was originally a space of pain and suffering.😢

However, now it has been transformed into a cultural space through the efforts of the residents and beautiful art!🎨



Is Gamcheon Culture Village currently a residential area?



Gamcheon Culture Village is indeed a neighborhood where residents live.🏡

That's why drone flights for sightseeing and capturing residents' privacy are prohibited,

So please keep that in mind.🤫


Let's also enjoy the 100% Gamcheon Culture Village experience recommended by 💗STAYC💗 sisters!




Now, are you ready to set off on your Gamcheon Culture Village adventure?😘


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