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Where the Sky Meets the Sea: Haeundae


Visiting Busan and not experiencing Haeundae is like not truly visiting Busan at all! Such is the allure of Haeundae, a tourist destination beloved throughout the year in Busan.💕

Let's delve into Haeundae, the quintessence of Busan's seascape that extends beyond the horizon. 

Let's go!🚗🚗



The Meaning of Haeundae


Haeundae, a place where the sea🌊 and clouds☁️ converge, offers a panoramic view where one can enjoy both the stunning beach and scenic natural surroundings. 

True to its name, Haeundae is a premier destination in Busan for witnessing its beautiful natural vistas.☺️



Summer Hotspot in Haeundae


Particularly in summer, it becomes a hub of activity.



With its soft sand and crystal-clear waters, Haeundae becomes a favorite spot for various beach activities such as swimming🏊, sunbathing⛱️, and sand play, appealing to people of all ages.❤️ Why not visit Busan this summer to swim, indulge in leisure activities, and relax at Haeundae?😆



The Evening Charm of Haeundae



The beach illuminated by sparkling lights presents a charm of its own.🌜

In the evening, Haeundae shines with lights reflecting on the sea, offering a romantic scenery to enjoy.


Additionally, everything from restaurants with views of Haeundae to cafes is available along the 1.5km stretch of white sand beach, making it a hotspot day🌞 or night🌜!


Experience the vibrant youth of Haeundae in the evening.



World-Captivating Festivals at Haeundae

📌 Take note! 📌

Haeundae hosts an array of events seasonally.


✔️ Haeundae Sand Festival


Every summer😎, an event takes place in front of Haeundae where you can see giant artworks made of sand. You can enjoy a variety of works presented by world-famous sand sculptors.🏰 Besides leisure activities, enjoy the summer festival with colorful and creative sand works.


📌Festival Period: End of May to the beginning of June

*The schedule may change depending on the situation.



✔️Haeundae Fireworks Festival


Every fall🍁, a large-scale fireworks🎇 festival is held in Haeundae, stopping the footsteps of tourists from around the world with a spectacular fireworks display that adorns the night✨ sky. 

The variety of fireworks over the Haeundae sea will make your trip to Busan an unforgettable moment of emotion.😘 Especially in the fall, Haeundae is prepared with an abundance of cultural performances and events, so be sure not to miss it!


📌Festival Period: Late October to Early November

*The schedule may change depending on the situation.



Sightseeing at Haeundae

For a more intimate and detailed view of Haeundae, check out these places recommended by Kmall24🥰


✔️Haeundae Capsule Train

©KTO-Lee Beom Soo


Take a ride on the small, colorful capsule train along Haeundae's beach path and immerse yourself in the shimmering view. The experience is particularly enchanting at sunset.😘🤳


©KTO-Kang Hye Ji


The experience is particularly enchanting at sunset.🌅



✔️Dongbaek Island



A stroll along Haeundae Beach leads you to Dongbaek🌺 Island.




This small island offers walking trails that connect the land and sea,🏃‍♂️ providing a serene and rejuvenating experience amidst stunning landscapes.😉


Now, are you ready to set off on your Haeundae adventure?😘

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