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The charming bridge by day and night: Gwangan Bridge


Following Seoul, Busan is the second-largest city by population!🏙️

 It's a city with beautiful natural landscapes, a unique blend of mountains and sea, offering captivating scenery.


How about we learn about the ‘Gwangan Bridge’ together from now on?

*The Korean pronunciation of Gwangan Bridge: Gwang-an Dae-gyo



The Meaning of Gwangan Daegyo


The Korean pronunciation of Gwangan Bridge is "Gwang-an Dae-gyo".
The name ‘Gwangan Bridge’ holds the meaning of a peaceful and tranquil large bridge above the calm sea.🌅

The harmonious blend of the sturdy Gwangan Bridge standing tall and the serene seascape brings peace to the heart!☺️



Landmark of Busan


‘Gwangan Bridge’🌁 is a beautiful cable-stayed bridge and one of the landmarks of Busan. 

Stretching along the coast of Busan, this bridge connects Haeundae-gu and Suyeong-gu, beautifully linking the city center with the beach, making it beloved by many tourists.



A bridge with two kinds of charm💜

The Gwangan Bridge showcases diverse beauty during both day and night.



©Busan city-Busan Tourism Organization-summer Tree Co.,Ltd


During the day☀️, you can enjoy the clear and refreshing view of Gwanganli Beach along with the pristine seascape.

Taking a stroll along the beach allows you to admire the beauty of the bridge from a distance, as well as the expansive view over the sea.📷


©Busan city-Busan Tourism Organization-summer Tree Co.,Ltd


Additionally, you can spend leisurely time at nearby shops and cafes.☕️

Especially in summer, Gwangalli Beach near Gwangan Bridge is a popular destination for tourists, ideal for leisure activities and water sports.🏄‍♂️ 


Due to the intense sunlight, I highly recommend bringing all your essential summer gear.🍉 





At night🌙, it glimmers with fantastic lighting, offering a mesmerizing view!💜



Depending on the time and season, the installed lights on the bridge change into various colors and patterns, creating an even more romantic and beautiful atmosphere.


Especially in front of the Gwangan Bridge, there are numerous events such as light shows💡, fireworks💥, and drone shows✨ according to the season, offering plenty of attractions for travelers, making it an ideal tourist spot.


So, one can't help but admire the view!






"Did  'NewJeans' show up at Gwangan Bridge?"

I can't miss a place our sisters have visited!

Let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the Gwangan Bridge, another charm to explore~

Enjoy a yacht tour of Gwangan Bridge with 🩷NewJeans🩷!
(*Gwangan Bridge: Appears in a 12-minute and 40-second video)



The hot summer attraction in Busan: Gwangan Bridge!! 

Ready to go!🛥️



Now, are you ready to set off on your Gwangan Bridge adventure?😘


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