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Mountain created by volcanic activity: Oreum


Jeju Island is home to numerous oreums, each with its own unique characteristics.

 "Oreum" is a term in the Jeju dialect that refers to hills🌳 or small mountains, showcasing diverse natural landscapes and rich ecosystems.🐝


Would you like to learn more about the oreums of Jeju Island formed through volcanic activity?



The meaning of Oreum


Jeju's "Oreum" derives its name from the Korean verb “oreuda”, meaning to ascend, and refers to various peaks or mountains under 200 meters on Jeju Island. 

🏃‍♂️They are relatively low in height, making them popular hiking trails among tourists and young people.🏃‍♀️


In particular, oreums on Jeju Island, combined with their beautiful sunsets and natural surroundings, create even more dazzling spaces!🥹

Would you like to explore some of the oreums formed by volcanic activity on Jeju Island?🧐



Ecological Space of Jeju Island: Geum Oreum
©Visit Jeju-Geumak Oreum(Wangmae)


Located in the small village of Geumak-ri in Hallim-eup, Jeju City, Geum Oreum resembles the shape of the "boa constrictor swallowing an elephant" mentioned in “🌹The Little Prince🫅".


Surrounded by pine trees🌲 on all sides and featuring small ponds, reeds, and various animals, Geum Oreum exudes a strong sense of natural ecology. 


Especially, the small crater at the summit forms puddles when it rains, resembling the appearance of Baekrokdam, hence it's called “Little Baekrokdam".


If you missed seeing Baekrokdam inside Hallasan, visit Geum Oreum and admire the small Baekrokdam there.😆


©Visit Jeju-Geumak Oreum(Wangmae)


Geum Oreum gained fame as the backdrop of singer Lee Hyori's music video🌿 for "Seoul" and from scenes in the reality show “Hyori's Homestay🏠”, where IU and dogs take a walk together.🦮🚶‍♀️


Particularly, the puddle in the crater at the summit, against the backdrop of the sunset, creates a mysterious ambiance, making it famous as a self-weddingwedding💍 spot.


Create memories alongside the sunset of Geum Oreum!



Here's another tip👍
©Visit Jeju-Paragliding


At Geum Oreum, you can also experience paragliding. Soaring through the air, you'll suddenly find yourself immersed in a breathtaking landscape with views of Hallasan, Biyangdo, various large and small oreums, and small houses beneath your feet.😎


It's an exhilarating experience where you can enjoy a thrilling view of Jeju Island at a glance.🏝️



The epitome of beauty among Jeju's oreums: Darangshi Oreum

Located in Sehwa-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju City, Darangshi Oreum is named for its volcanic crater, which resembles the roundness of the moon🌕, hence referred to as “Darangshi.”


It is particularly famous among locals as the most popular oreum in Jeju, known for its distinctive features such as a grassy ridge line spreading out at a glance, a massive volcanic crater, and the magnificent views available from the summit.🥰



About 400 meters away from Darangshi Oreum, there is “Akkeun Darangshi Oreum🍃”, which means a small oreum attached to Darangshi, with "akkeun" meaning "similar to" or “second one✌️”. It is recommended to enjoy the scenery of Akkeun Darangshi Oreum during autumn when the landscape reaches its peak with the swaying of reeds.



At Darangshi Oreum, with its views of both large and small mountains, it's a great spot to enjoy a healing time while gazing at the majestic Hallasan⛰️!


This location is renowned for its sunset vistas🌅, so timing your visit well allows for a splendid end to your day.


Before visiting the oreum, it's advisable to check the sunset time⏰ for that day in advance, enhancing your enjoyment of the beautiful oreum twofold.


©Visit Jeju-Sunset viewed from Akkibangdarangshi Oreum



Now, are you ready to set off on your  Oreum adventure?😘

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