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ASTRO: A Journey Through Their Discography

ASTRO, a boy group consisting of five members, made its debut under Fantagio Entertainment on February 23, 2016. The members of ASTRO embarked on their journey to stardom through various auditions to become trainees at Fantagio Entertainment. MOON BIN, a child actor who appeared in TVXQ's music video and several dramas, was discovered by the company at the age of eleven. CHA EUN-WOO was scouted in his third year of middle school, and YOON SANHA joined the company at eleven after passing an audition.



Debut: February 23, 2016

Leader: JinJin

Genre: Dance, Ballad

Company: Fantagio

Units: Moon Bin & Sanha, JinJin & Rocky

Fandom Name: AROHA



1st Full-length Album:  “All Light”

'All Light', ASTRO's 1st full-length album, released on January 16, 2019, followed the 'Seasons Series', 'Dream Series', and the 'Rise Up' album. The album cover, with its deep green backdrop interlaced with the bright foliage under the sunshine, captures the viewer's attention. The message "IT’S GONNA BE ALL LIGHT" on the cover signals ASTRO's comeback, raising curiosity and expectations for what the group will present in 2019.


2nd Full-length Album: “All Yours”

Released on April 5, 2021, 'All Yours' is ASTRO's 2nd full-length album, marking their return after two years and three months. This album continues the 'All' series from the first album 'All Light', symbolizing that everything of ASTRO belongs to their fans, AROHA. The album, eagerly awaited by fans, is filled with ASTRO's dedication, including the title track 'ONE' among a total of 10 songs spanning various genres. It also features self-composed songs by members MJ, Jinjin, and Rocky, showcasing a broader musical spectrum and the matured charm of the members in their 5th debut anniversary.



3rd Full-length Album: “Drive to the Starry Road”

On May 16, 2022, ASTRO released their 3rd full-length album, 'Drive to the Starry Road'. This album conveys the message that ASTRO and their fans, AROHA, will always be together, sharing the brilliance of youth and looking forward to a bright future together. The album reflects the unwavering affection between ASTRO and their fans, featuring the title track 'Candy Sugar Pop', which includes lyrics by Jinjin, Moonbin, and Rocky. The song, a bright and refreshing pop dance track, showcases ASTRO's signature refreshing energy. The involvement of all six members in lyric writing, composing, and rap making further adds a personal touch to their story. This album signifies the journey ASTRO and AROHA have embarked on together and their wish to continue this dazzling starry road into the future. 



ASTRO's discography is a testament to their growth, versatility, and the deep bond they share with their fans. From 'All Light' to 'Drive to the Starry Road', each album marks a significant milestone in their career, inviting listeners into their evolving musical landscape and the heartfelt stories they wish to tell. As ASTRO continues to chart their path in the music industry, their albums remain a beacon of their artistic journey, promising more captivating chapters in the years to come.


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