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Exploring the Musical Journey of SUPER JUNIOR: A Look into Their Albums

SUPER JUNIOR, a nine-member boy group under SM Entertainment, made their debut on November 6, 2005. Known as veterans in the industry with 19 years of experience, they are pioneers of the second generation of the Korean Wave (Hallyu), achieving popularity not just in Asia but also in Europe and South America. Their significant contribution to the spread of Hallyu is undeniable, with hits like "Sorry, Sorry", "Mr. Simple", "U", "It's You", "BONAMANA", "No Other", “Devil” and "Black Suit" keeping them in the limelight well beyond their heyday.



Debut Date: November 6, 2005

First Studio Album: Super Junior05

Japan Debut Date: July 9, 2008

Japan Debut Single: Adaptation single

Leader: Leeteuk

Genres: Dance, Ballad, R&B, Electronica, etc.

Company: SM Entertainment

Fandom Name: E.L.F.



Debut Album: Super Junior05

Their debut album, released on December 5, 2005, primarily featured rock-influenced dance tracks like "Twins (Knock Out)" and the teen pop hit "Miracle", which gained considerable popularity among female students. 



Don't Don 

Their 2nd full-length album, released on September 20, 2007, introduced fans to a new side of SUPER JUNIOR with the title track "Don't Don". This album showcased the members' charisma and masculinity through powerful performances and featured collaborations with renowned musicians, adding to its high quality.



Sorry, Sorry

The 3rd full-length album, released on March 12, 2009, includes the mega-hit "Sorry, Sorry", a track that played a pivotal role in propelling SUPER JUNIOR to international fame and becoming a K-POP classic. 




Released on May 13, 2010, this album marked a new peak for SUPER JUNIOR, overcoming member changes and challenges to achieve significant commercial success. 

Mr. Simple

The 5th full-length album, released on August 3, 2011, built on the success of "Sorry, Sorry" and further established SUPER JUNIOR's status as a leading Hallyu group. 



Sexy, Free & Single

This 6th full-length album, released on July 1, 2012, highlighted the members' diverse charms and further solidified SUPER JUNIOR's global popularity. 




The 7th full-length album, released on August 29, 2014, showcased SUPER JUNIOR's versatility across ten tracks, including the title song "MAMACITA". 




Released approximately 24 months after their special album "MAGIC", "PLAY", which was released on November 16, 2017, reflects SUPER JUNIOR's enduring appeal and musical evolution, emphasizing their ability to blend fun tracks with mainstream appeal. 



Featuring the upbeat "SUPER Clap", this album continues to highlight SUPER JUNIOR's unique charm and engaging music, promising to dispel worries with its lively beats.  



The Renaissance

This album presents a diverse collection of tracks across 13 versions, each showcasing the individual members' talents and styles, fulfilling the long-awaited expectations of fans. 



The Road: A New Beginning

"The Road" symbolizes a new chapter for SUPER JUNIOR, promising more significant achievements and shared moments with fans, hinting at a future filled with meaningful milestones.



SUPER JUNIOR's discography is a testament to their enduring popularity and significant impact on the global music scene. From their early days as a project group to their status as K-pop legends, SUPER JUNIOR has navigated the ups and downs of the music industry with resilience and versatility. Their albums not only showcase their musical evolution but also their ability to connect with fans across generations. As they continue to write new chapters in their storied career, SUPER JUNIOR remains a pivotal force in spreading Korean culture worldwide, promising more seasons of shared memories and achievements with their fans and the wider E.L.F. community.


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