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A Glimpse into iKON's Musical Journey: Exploring Their Full-length albums

iKON, a six-member boy group under 143 Entertainment, made their debut on September 15, 2015. The group's name, a creative alteration from the English word "icon" by replacing 'c' with 'k', signifies their ambition to become representative icons of Korea. Their logo, inspired by the Korean flag's Taegeuk and the four cardinal directions, symbolizes their identity and the aspiration to embody Korea, highlighted by the incorporation of "KOREA's" K into their name, iKON.



Debut Date: 

- Korea: September 15, 2015 

- Japan : January 13, 2016 

Debut Album: Digital Single "My Type"

Leader: Currently vacant

Genres: Rap, Hip Hop, Dance, Ballad, R&B, Soul

Company: 143 Entertainment

Fandom Name: iKONIC



1st Full-length Album: WELCOME BACK

Released on September 15, 2015, iKON's debut half album "WELCOME BACK" marked a significant entrance into the music scene, securing top positions across various music charts with the warm-up single "My Type". This album, a testament to iKON's unique sound and self-production skills, represents both a message from the fans and the band's musical offerings to them. The debut also set the stage for their first concert, "SHOWTIME", amplifying the anticipation for their performances.



2nd Full-length Album: Return

iKON's return to the music scene on January 26, 2018, with their 2nd full-length album "Return", was highly anticipated after a significant break and a successful dome tour in Japan. This album, packed with eight new songs and special bonus tracks, showcases the group's musical evolution. The lead single "Love Scenario" features poetic lyrics and a catchy melody, reflecting on growth through love, highlighting the musical growth of producer B.I.



3rd Full-length Album: TAKE OFF

"TAKE OFF", iKON's 3rd full-length album, represents a liberating leap forward for the members, who actively participated in its production and songwriting. With tracks like "Dive" setting the stage, the album explores various genres and concepts, offering a rich sound palette. The title track "U" leads with an infectious Pop&Dance vibe, while the album as a whole showcases iKON's distinct identity and musical diversity. "TAKE OFF" stands out for its clear messaging and the harmonious blend of the members' ideas, setting the stage for an engaging world tour.



iKON' Musical Odyssey

iKON's musical journey through their  four mini albums, from NEW KIDS: CONTINUE (August 2, 2018) to FLASHBACK (May 3, 2022), showcases their evolution in style and maturity. Starting with the energetic "KILLING ME" and "FREEDOM", moving to the more reflective "GOODBYE ROAD" and "DON’T LET ME KNOW", then onto the self-assertive "Ah Yeah" and "Dive", and culminating in the introspective "BUT YOU", these albums highlight iKON's diverse musical exploration and deep connection with their audience. Each release marks a significant phase in their career, reflecting their growth as artists and storytellers within the vibrant landscape of K-pop.



iKON's journey through their Full-length albums showcases their growth, diversity, and the unique blend of sounds that define their music. From their debut with "WELCOME BACK" to the liberating "TAKE OFF", each album marks a significant phase in their career, reflecting their evolution as artists and their ambition to connect with fans worldwide. As iKON continues to chart their path in the music industry, their albums remain a testament to their talent, hard work, and the distinct color they bring to the world of music.


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