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Spotlight on Stray Kids: A Journey Through Their Full-length Albums

On March 25, 2018, the music industry saw the debut of Stray Kids, an 8-member multinational boy group under JYP Entertainment. Known for their unique blend of rap/hip-hop by 3RACHA, the lyrical vocals of their vocal line, and dynamic performances led by their dance line, Stray Kids presents an organic harmony that sets them apart. The group's name signifies their ambition to break free from the conventional and find their own path collectively.



Group Name: Stray Kids

Formation Date: December 19, 2017

Debut Date:

- Korea: March 25, 2018 

- Japan: March 18, 2020 

Debut Album:

- Korea: 1st Mini Album "I am NOT"

- Japan: Best 1st Album "SKZ2020"

Leader: Bang Chan

Genre: Dance, Rap/Hip-hop, Electronica, Alternative, R&B, Ballad, Acoustic, Rock, Mix Pop

Company: JYP Entertainment

Agency in America: Republic Records

Fandom Name: STAY



Unique Formation Story

Stray Kids' inception is marked by an unconventional and experimental approach. JYP Entertainment, while preparing for a new boy group, offered Bang Chan, a trainee of seven years, an opportunity to form his own team. This allowed Stray Kids to take charge of everything from member selection to production, making them a truly self-made group.



1st Album: “GO LIVE”

Released on June 17, 2020, "GO LIVE" is Stray Kids' 1st full-length album, featuring the unforgettable lead single "God’s Menu". The song, with its strong addictive qualities, carries a double meaning, suggesting both a new menu and a divine selection. The eight members liken their new tracks to culinary dishes, aiming to captivate listeners' tastes and preferences with their bold offerings.



2nd Album: "NOEASY"

On August 23, 2021, Stray Kids returned with their 2nd album "NOEASY", embedding meanings of "Not Easy" and "Noisy" into its title. This album continues their trend of breaking grammatical conventions to communicate with the world in their unique way. The title track "Thunderous" combines the dual meanings of being noisy and a singer, showcasing Stray Kids' determination to remain steadfast and vocal in their unique musical journey amidst any criticism, enriched by traditional Korean music elements and their signature energetic chants.



3rd Album: "★★★★★ (5-STAR)"

Their 3rd full album, "★★★★★ (5-STAR)", launched on June 2, 2023, marks another milestone for Stray Kids. Coming two years after "NOEASY", this album underscores their distinctive charm and commitment to quality music. Having topped the Billboard 200 chart twice with their music, Stray Kids embarks on a new leap forward with this well-crafted album, aiming to reach even greater heights.



Stray Kids' Mini Album

Stray Kids have carved a niche in K-pop with their mini albums, weaving themes of identity, growth, and defiance against convention into a rich tapestry of sound. From the raw introspection of "I am NOT" to the exploratory "I Am" and "Clé" series, they've showcased musical versatility and lyrical depth. "Oddinary" and "Maxident" continue to push boundaries, cementing their global influence. Their discography is a testament to their journey and connection with fans, blending diverse genres to articulate the complexities of modern youth, making each release not just music, but a shared narrative of resilience and discovery.


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