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Rising Stars in K-Pop: ZEROBASEONE's Meteoric Rise

Introduction: The Birth of ZEROBASEONE

Formed through Mnet's "Boys Planet", ZEROBASEONE is a multinational nine-member boy group that debuted on July 10, 2023, under Wake One Entertainment. The team name, ZEROBASEONE, symbolizes the brilliant beginning of the nine members, starting from zero and emerging as one. It encapsulates their promise to embark on a free-spirited journey from the incomplete zero to one, alongside their fans. The team name can also be abbreviated as ZB1.



Formation Date: April 20, 2023

Debut Date

- Korea: July 10, 2023

- Japan: March 20, 2024

Debut Album

- Korea: Mini Album 1: YOUTH IN THE SHADE

- Japan: Single Album 1: ゆらゆら -運命の花-

Leader: Seong Hanbin

Genre: K-POP, Dance, Dance Pop, R&B, Drum & Bass, Alternative R&B

Company: Wake One

Fandom Name: ZE_ROSE



Debut Announcement on Boys Planet

ZEROBASEONE's group name was first revealed in the final episode of “Boys Planet”. In a CI introduction video, subtitles displayed the names "Zero Base One" and "Zebewon", signaling their entry into the music world.



1st Mini Album: YOUTH IN THE SHADE

Released on July 10, 2023, "YOUTH IN THE SHADE" is ZEROBASEONE's debut album. The album reflects the brilliance and instability of youth, marking a resonant start for the group. The title "YOUTH IN THE SHADE" implies a journey from day one to becoming one, a theme central to ZEROBASEONE's music and identity.

Since their debut with "YOUTH IN THE SHADE" on July 10, ZEROBASEONE has been writing a new chapter in K-Pop history, quickly gaining global fame. They achieved the status of "Double Million Seller" with their debut album and held their first fan concert, "2023 ZEROBASEONE FAN-CON", at the Gocheok Sky Dome, engaging with over 18,000 fans just 37 days after their debut.



2nd Mini Album: MELTING POINT

On November 6, 2023, ZEROBASEONE released their second mini-album, “MELTING POINT”. Recognized as "Global Mega Rookies", the group made a significant impact with this release. "MELTING POINT" comprises three versions - ‘FAIRYTALE’, ‘MYSTERY’, and ‘LOYALTY'.


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As ZEROBASEONE continues to captivate the K-Pop scene with their dynamic music and charismatic performances, the group's future looks exceptionally promising. Their rapid rise to fame, marked by successful albums and a passionate global fanbase, indicates a bright path ahead. The story of ZEROBASEONE is not just one of success, but a testament to the power of music in uniting diverse cultures and creating new horizons in the international music landscape.


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