K-TREND | March.27.2024

TWS and Shinyu: Inside the Heartbeat of K-Pop's New Era



The group TWS is establishing itself as a powerhouse in the music industry. Their mini album “Sparkling Blue” with its title track “plot twist” climbed one spot to reach second place in the Melon Weekly Charton March 11th of this year. This achievement marks TWS's highest-ever ranking on this chart. Having debuted on January 22, 2024, TWS has already secured four first-place wins on music television shows, including their very first win on KBS's “MUSIC BANK” this year, which holds significant meaning. So, let's get to know TWS and their leader Shinyu together on Kmall24.


On January 22, 2024, the entertainment industry was electrified by the debut of TWS, a six-member multinational boy group from Pledis Entertainment. The group's name, TWS, stands for “TWENTY FOUR SEVEN WITH US” signifying their commitment to being with their fans every moment of every day.



Musical Journey

TWS has quickly made their mark with their debut mini-album “Sparkling Blue”and the pre-release single “Oh Mymy : 7s”. These initial offerings have highlighted their diverse musical talents and hinted at a bright future ahead.



Spotlight on Leader Shinyu

Shinyu, the group's leader, began his journey to stardom in his first year of middle school as a trainee at SM Entertainment. After a diligent six to seven years across various agencies, including a stint at Big Hit Music, he emerged as a key figure in TWS under Pledis Entertainment.



Shinyu's Role in TWS

In the group, Shinyu plays a versatile role as both a vocalist and a member of the rap line. Despite primarily being recognized for his rap skills, he frequently takes on significant vocal parts as well. Shinyu possesses a distinctively clean and deep vocal tone, which adds a unique color to the group's music. In addition to his vocal abilities, he is noted for his clear diction and mastery of low-tone rapping. Furthermore, pre-debut footage reveals Shinyu's exceptional talent in rap making, showcasing his comprehensive musical capabilities within the group.



Tastes and Personality

Known for his love of sweets, Shinyu's favorites include chocolates, waffles, and egg tarts. His personality is endearingly unique, blending a gentle humor with a penchant for mischief and warmth. A lover of art and all things romantic, Shinyu's somewhat shy nature only adds to his allure.



Connection with Fans

Shinyu stands out for his courteous demeanor, often engaging warmly with fans and media outside of official events, including casual encounters at airports. His professionalism and genuine interaction at fan meetings have made him a fan favorite, further cementing his and TWS's revered status in the K-pop world.



With a brief time since their debut, TWS has achieved remarkable success, and Kmall24 will continue to follow all developments related to TWS closely. In upcoming content, we will reveal various latest events for fans, including fan signing events, showcases, and other live activities involving TWS. Please stay tuned to Kmall24 for more updates.