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The Rise of RIIZE: A Journey Through Their Music and Albums

Introduction to RIIZE

RIIZE, a multinational seven-member boy group, made its debut under SM Entertainment on September 4, 2023. The group's name, RIIZE, combines 'Rise' meaning to grow, and 'Realize' meaning to bring into reality, symbolizing the team's journey towards growing together and realizing their dreams.



Debut Date: September 4, 2023

Debut Album: Get A Guitar

Genre: Emotional Pop

Company: SM Entertainment

Labels in Japan: EMI Records

Labels in America: RCA Records

Fandom Name: BRIIZE



Concept and Music Style

*Emotional Pop and Personal Growth*: RIIZE is based on the concept of a 'Real-time Odyssey', showcasing the individual personalities and strengths of its members as they come together as a team. Their style, termed 'Emotional Pop Rookie', focuses on encapsulating inspirations from everyday experiences into music, aiming to resonate with audiences and evolve into 'Emotional Pop Artists'.



Engagement with Fans

*Real-Time Growth and Interaction*: RIIZE emphasizes real-time growth and achievement, engaging with fans through Instagram Stories Highlights like 'BOLD TRIAL' and 'A Great Mentor'. These features offer fans a glimpse into the group's daily routines, schedules, and practice sessions, sharing their journey in real-time.



Debut Album: Get A Guitar

*First Single Album Release*: On their debut date, September 4, 2023, RIIZE released their first single album 'Get A Guitar'. The album, themed around the members' experiences as trainees, includes the titular track 'Get A Guitar' and a prologue single 'Memories'.




Unique Album Merchandise

*Special Postcard and Hologram Photo Card Set*: Accompanying the album release, RIIZE also introduced the [RIIZE 'Get A Guitar'] POSTCARD + HOLOGRAM PHOTO CARD SET. This unique merchandise features individual avatar cards for each member, highlighting their distinct personalities and characteristics.



RIIZE 'Digital single'

On October 27, 2023, the group RIIZE unveiled their digital single ‘Talk Saxy’. The track captivates listeners from the intro with its addictive saxophone riff and powerful 808 drum sound, creating an engaging dance number. The lyrics explore the intrigue towards a stranger, expressed with RIIZE's signature honesty and confidence.


Subsequently, on January 5, 2024, RIIZE released their new song 'Love 119' as a digital single, approximately two months after ‘Talk Saxy’, 'Love 119' is a pop dance track that conjures a dreamy atmosphere through the contrast of sweet piano riffs with rhythmic drum lines. The lyrics creatively compare the sudden rush of first love to an emergency, showcasing RIIZE's innovative approach to expressing emotions.


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