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An Island Within an Island: Udo


When traveling to Jeju Island, one must not miss Udo, the island within an island.🏝️ This small island is beloved by many for its unique natural landscapes and rich historical heritage.🥰


©Visit Jeju-Hagosudong Udo


Experience the distinctive charm of Udo, located at the eastern end of Jeju Island.💚



The Meaning of Udo


"Udo" is a small island located within Jeju City, named for its resemblance to a lying cow🐮. Resembling the shape of a lying cow, Udo hides various charming spaces in different areas according to its shape.🧐



An Island within an Island by Boat


You can take a boat to Udo from Seongsan Port or Seongsan Port, and it takes about 15 minutes regardless of where you depart.⛴️



The island is 3.8km in length with a circumference of 17km.

Walking without stopping would take around 3 to 4 hours, but most tourists explore the famous attractions by bus🚌, bicycle🚲, or mini electric car, according to their preferences.


©KTO-Kim Ji Ho


Shall we explore some representative tourist attractions before heading to Udo?🚢


Let's first meet Udo through a video.🎞




✔️Geomeunle Beach


Geomeunle Beach, which means "black sand" in Korean, is a small beach located below Udobong. At the end of the beach, there is a cave where legend has it that whales🐳 used to inhabit, and it can only be entered when the tide is low and the entire cave is exposed.


Inside the cave, there are small stone towers stacked by tourists, and it is quite spacious, even large enough to have hosted small concerts.


©Visit Jeju-Geommeolle


If you want to see the scenic views of Udo from the sea, we recommend taking a boat🛥️ ride around Geomeunle.




✔️Seobinbaeksa Beach


Seobinbaeksa Beach🏝️, where under the sunlight breaking into emerald hues, white and blue hues can be felt. Referred to as Seobinbaeksa for its white sandy beach on the west side of Udo.


The color of the sea varies depending on the depth, reminiscent of the seas of the South Pacific or the Mediterranean.🌊



The sand on this beach stands out in white and has a unique shape compared to other beaches. It is said that the sand was formed when red algae washed ashore and accumulated calcium carbonate, solidifying into rock-like formations.😌


Such beaches are rare worldwide and hold special value. However, please note that this area is designated as a natural monument, so exportation is prohibited!🚫


©KTO-Kim Ji Ho


In summer😎, it's a popular beach destination, while in spring🌿 and autumn🍂, it's favored for its picturesque scenery. There are many nearby restaurants offering specialties like Udo peanut ice cream and homemade burgers, as well as charming cafes.☕️


If you want to admire the emerald-colored sea of Jeju Island, consider visiting Udo.



Now, Are you ready to set off on your Udo island adventure?😘

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