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Exploring Korean Traditional Houses: Seongyojang


If you are curious about the beauty of traditional Korean houses, consider visiting Seongyojang in Gangneung.

"Seongyojang" is one of the best-preserved aristocratic homes in the Gangwon-do region.🏡

If you're interested in traditional houses that beautifully harmonize with nature, 🧭 let's explore it together.



The Meaning of Seongyojang 


The name Seongyojang is tied to the region's characteristics.

Originally, it was named for the method of crossing Gyeongpo Lake by boat.🛶

Though boats are no longer used for crossing, Gyeongpo Lake's proximity to Seongyojang reminds us of Gangneung's historical landscape.😌



The Story of a Kind-hearted Millionaire


Seongyojang was the residence of a millionaire😲 renowned for his love of culture and communication with people.



He provided warm rooms and food to scholars visiting Geumgangsan and the Eight Scenic Views of Gwandong and generously shared rice with needy neighbors, making Seongyojang a symbol of love💕 and hope🙏 even today.



South Korea's Best-Preserved House


Designated as a significant cultural asset by the national treasury in 1956, Seongyojang is celebrated for preserving its original form for over 300 years as a 99-room aristocratic mansion. 



Seongyojang features various distinctive buildings, including the main house, east and west guest houses, Yeonjidang, Sarangchae, and Haengrangchae.



Descendants still reside there, maintaining the beautiful house and continuing Seongyojang's legacy.👍



The Charm of Seongyojang with Lotus Flowers and the Scent of Pine Trees


A summer visit to Seongyojang allows you to see beautiful lotus flowers🪷 blooming in the artificial pond in front of Hwalraejung Pavilion.



Hwalraejung, offering a direct experience with nature, served as a sanctuary for Joseon scholars and cultured guests.



With its open design, it provides views of the sky, pond, and pine trees from any direction.🌲



The ambiance of Hwalraejung, especially with its summer lotus flowers, is considered unparalleled in Korea.



A pine-scented path behind Seongyojang offers a tranquil retreat, providing healing to visitors.🚶



Experiencing Tradition Firsthand


Seongyojang offers a wealth of traditional Korean experiences.


🏡Hanok Stay

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Enjoy the authenticity and warmth of staying in a traditional Korean house, where you can listen to the sounds of nature and relax.☺️


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Seongyojang  in Every Season

The best season to visit Seon Gyojang is summer! If you come during this time, you'll be able to see lotus flowers in full bloom.🌺










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Now, are you ready to set off on your a Seongyojang adventure? 😘


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