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A Korean brand embodying musical beauty: SAMICK INSTRUMENTS


Samick Musical Instruments, a brand with a 66-year tradition of artisanal philosophy, acquired the 175-year-old luxury German piano brand Seiler.






Samick Instruments is a brand committed to crafting a beautiful and joyful world with the emotive power of musical melodies.



Shall we delve deeper into Samick Instruments?


Overview of SAMICK

Company Name: Samick Instruments

Established: 1958

Business Areas:

✅ Instrument Brand: Holds a variety of instruments including traditional and electric

✅ Overseas Subsidiaries: Production bases in Indonesia, Germany, etc., with SMC USA and SMC China established

✅ Piano: Samick, Korea’s leading musical instrument brand owns Germany’s SEILER

💻 Homepage: www.samick.co.kr



What meaning is encapsulated in the Samick Instruments logo?


Just as light splits into multiple colors🌈, the Samick logo embodies the harmonious dispersion of varied sounds through its instruments, symbolizing the essence of a comprehensive musical instrument manufacturer. The five strokes forming a prism represent the range from low to high tones and their harmony, whereas the overall form signifies the cultivation of solid trust, reminiscent of a pyramid.🤓


The Legacy of Korean Pianos: A 66-Year Tradition


With a tradition spanning 66 years, Samick Musical Instruments specializes in the manufacturing and sale of various instruments, such as pianos, electronic pianos, digital pianos🎹, Electronic drum🥁, and guitars🎸. Leveraging its unique know-how, Samick has built a prestigious reputation, and its products are widely sought after in numerous households, educational settings, and performance venues around the globe.



The fusion of Samick technology with German Seiler heritage


A new innovation in Korean digital pianos has emerged from the superb collaboration of craftsmanship between the 175-year-old German luxury piano brand SEILER and Samick Musical Instruments, a brand with a 66-year tradition.🧐

What products does Samick Musical Instruments offer, featuring the highest technology and sound quality?



Various Musical Instruments




A flagship product of Samick Musical Instruments, featuring design, audio, and piano, providing quality sound suitable for any context.🎵



✔️Digital Piano


A product that led the first era of Korean digital pianos, boasting tradition and tone.🎹





Explore various musical instruments equipped with high-quality sound.🎸



✔️Electronic drum


Experience the feel of real drums and the sounds of various genres.🥁



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