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A Healthy Culinary Journey with the Korean Yogurt Brand: LUKT


In our fast-paced modern society, the significance of maintaining healthy eating habits is paramount.💕

Introducing Lukt, a distinguished yogurt brand that exclusively uses high-quality milk and probiotics, without any synthetic additives.

 Lukt provides an effortless and convenient option for a nourishing meal amidst your hectic schedule.🙌


Shall we learn more about Lukt?



Overview of LUKT

Company Name: Artitude Inc.

Established: 2019

Business Areas:

Yogurt Sales: Yogurt & Topping Butter Products and a Variety of Dairy Products for Sale

💻 Homepage: https://lukt.co.kr/28

📱 Instagram: lukt_officia



The Meaning of “LUKT”


Lukt is derived from the Icelandic word for “lantern”✨, encapsulating our aspiration to shed light on the dietary habits of individuals far and wide. 

Reflective of its name, Lukt offers a diverse array of flavors and nutrients, perfectly suited for a wholesome meal or a nutritious snack.



Skyr Gobbler, the Lover of Lukt


Meet Skyr Gobbler, the mascot who adores Lukt.

Skyr Gobbler is the representative character fond of Lukt, celebrated as one of the thirteen trolls dubbed as Iceland's Santas!🎅

He's also a charming troll with a passion for yogurt, known for his nocturnal visits on December 19th to consume all the yogurt within a household. 

Should you encounter Lukt, spare a thought for Skyr Gobbler! You, too, might find yourself enamored with Lukt just as Skyr Gobbler is, upon tasting it!



Lukt's Foremost Principle: Ingredients


Lukt is committed to providing a healthy gourmet experience.

This is why Lukt focuses on creating products that transform every meal into a joyous occasion. Moreover, Lukt aims to proudly integrate its offerings into meals alongside nutrient-rich staples such as rice🍚, pasta🍝, bread🥯, and salads🥗.



This dedication ensures that Lukt's products are made exclusively with the finest ingredients. Rather than opting for readily available options, Lukt goes the extra mile to source premium ingredients, delivering a nutritious yogurt meal.😊

In the case of yogurt, Lukt uses first-rate, premium milk to encapsulate the authentic taste of yogurt. It's crafted with real fresh fruits and natural honey, offering a variety of toppings that enhance the yogurt experience. Furthermore, Lukt's granola is made with organically grown oats and pesticide-free whole wheat, introducing a distinctive yogurt flavor experience.🎁


Now, let's explore the range of products Lukt has to offer.



✔️Protein-Rich Yogurt


A standout characteristic of Lukt's yogurt is its fat-free composition, brimming with high levels of protein!

 It comes in both thick and mild textures, allowing for a delightful selection based on personal taste preferences. Unlike merely light and sweet snack yogurts, Lukt's version serves as a substantial meal replacement, enriched with protein and essential nutrients, and delivers a deeply satisfying, pure milk taste.



✔️A Variety of Toppings


At Lukt, you'll discover granola, fruits, and honey, all crafted exclusively from fresh ingredients, ideal for complementing your yogurt.




Explore our range of products that offer a healthy and convenient meal option.


If you're looking to explore a diverse culinary experience, discover it with Lukt, a Korean yogurt brand.




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