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The Development of the Quietest Rice Cooker: CUCKOO



A Leading South Korean Home Appliance Brand


Cuckoo is a South Korean brand known for producing and selling household appliances and kitchenware. The brand is most famous for 
its rice cookers, which are highly popular in both the South Korean and international markets, renowned for their quality construction and innovative technology. 


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Overview of CUCKOO

Company Name: Cuckoo

Founded: 1978

Business Areas:

✅ Kitchen Appliances: Selling major kitchen products such as rice cookers, induction cookers, and dishwashers

✅ Home Appliances: Selling home appliance products such as water purifiers, air purifiers, and vacuum cleaners

💻 Homepage: http://www.cuckoo.co.kr



Korean rice cooker brand, Cuckoo


 When discussing Korean rice cooker brands in South Korea, Cuckoo is an indispensable name. It is a brand steeped in rich tradition and history.

As the brand expands into international markets, Cuckoo has established a strong reputation worldwide, becoming a symbolic brand representing high-quality South Korean home appliances.



Then, allow me to introduce Cuckoo's remarkable rice cooker,

"Master Silence" Rice Cooker


If you’re a connoisseur of perfectly cooked rice or a fan of innovative kitchen gadgets, the latest offering from Cuckoo, the Master Chef Slience rice cooker, is something you can’t miss.

This rice cooker isn’t just another appliance in your kitchen; it’s a testament to technological innovation and aesthetic design. ✨



Innovative Silent Pressure System


Gone are the days of the traditional pressure vent system in rice cookers.
The MASTER CHEF SLIENCE introduces groundbreaking ‘Silent Pressure System’.


 This new technology eliminates the need for
a pressure vent, allowing for precise control of pressure. The result? A significant reduction in pressure loss, enhancing the flavor of the rice and reducing cooking noise, creating a more pleasant cooking environment. 👨‍🍳



Seamless and Modern Design


One of the most striking features of the MASTER CHEF SLIENCE is its design.
Eschewing protruding parts for a seamless, integrated build, this rice cooker boasts a sleek, modern look that resembles fine ceramics.

The absence of a conventional lid handle and pressure vent contributes to its streamlined, ‘seamless’ appearance, making it not just
an appliance, but a piece of art in your kitchen.



Dual Pressure System for Tailored Cooking

The rice cooker features a unique ‘Twin Pressure’ system, offering both ultra-high pressure and non-pressure IH cooking options. 
This versatility allows users to tailor the cooking process to their specific tastes and preferences, whether it’s for different types of rice, porridge,
or other dishes. 👨‍🍳

Auto-Locking System for a Sleek Look


The MASTER CHEF SLIENCE also boasts an ‘Auto-Locking System’.
  This feature removes the need for a traditional lid handle, contributing further to the rice cooker’s sleek design.
It’s not just about looks, though; this system also ensures safety and ease of use.😌



User-Friendly Interactive LCD Display


The rice cooker is equipped with an interactive LCD display. This modern touch replaces complicated menus with an intuitive interface, making it easy to select and monitor your cooking settings. The display aligns perfectly with the cooker’s overall minimalist design, emphasizing its modern aesthetic. 🍽️



Experience the charm of Cuckoo rice cookers through video.




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