K-LEARNING | March.27.2024

Let's Solve and Improve Your Hangeul Memory with Quizzes on Complex Sentences

Discover a brilliant way to review Hangeul with 7 themed quizzes!


Finally, it's the last round. If in previous content we tackled quizzes on words and verbs, short forms essentially, today we're stepping up to sentence quizzes. They're quite challenging, so take a deep breath and let's dive right in!



💯 Choose what the Hangeul pronunciation in each quiz question is pointing to from the options!


Answer: ② What's your name?


Answer: ② What are you doing now?


Answer: ① Calm down, please.


Answer: ① Where is the Subway station?


Answer: ① Look at this.


Answer: ② Are you happy?

Answer: ③ Nice to meet you.


Answer: ① I Love you.


Answer: ③ How are you?


Answer: ③ Thanks a lot.



Thanks for doing the quiz! 


When conversing with friends who are learning Korean, using Hangeul like this creates a fun way of communication, almost like a cryptic code that only those who know Hangeul can read. 




a conversation filled with encrypted messages among friends, which those who don't know Hangeul can't read. 😄




Let's meet again with different content next time!



📍 The quiz questions and formats above are randomly selected from KONOGRAM's Hangeul Path(Quiz game).  


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