K-LEARNING | March.27.2024

Let's Solve and Improve Your Hangeul Memory with Colors

Discover a brilliant way to review Hangeul with 7 themed quizzes!


We've already made significant progress. Initially, Hangeul might have seemed unfamiliar, but as you've worked through the quizzes, you've gained the ability to instantly recognize and pronounce Hangeul, haven't you? Today, we've prepared a quiz on a topic that frequently comes up in our conversations and is commonly used in expressions: colors. Let's dive in without further delay!



💯 Choose what the Hangeul pronunciation in each quiz question is pointing to from the options!


Answer: ② Red


Answer: ① Yellow


Answer: ① White


Answer: ③ Purple


Answer: ③ Black


Answer: ② Gold


Answer: ② Green


Answer: ① Brown


Answer: ② Pink


Answer: ② Navy



Curious about how many quizzes you got right today?



🚨 Attention

Today's quiz aims to read English pronunciations written in Hangeul and find the corresponding English word. However, it's important to note that the actual color words featured today have official Korean spellings according to Korean transcription rules, which may differ from their English pronunciations. For example, ‘Red’ is written as 레드 in Korean, ‘White’ as 화이트, and ‘Black’ as 블랙 and so on.



See you next time!



📍 The quiz questions and formats above are randomly selected from KONOGRAM's Hangeul Path(Quiz game).  


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