K-LEARNING | March.27.2024

Let's Solve and Improve Your Hangeul Memory with Quizzes on World Locations

Discover a brilliant way to review Hangeul with 7 themed quizzes! 


After flaunting your Hangeul skills by naming famous Korean celebs in our first quiz content, let's turn our gaze to the vast world. The time to test the Hangeul skills you've worked hard on is right now!



We've prepared 10 quiz questions for you related to names from all around the world. 🌎 How many do you think you can get right? Take your time to go through them and make your choices with care.


Why wait for an explanation, shall we dive right in?



Let's get started!



💯 Choose what the Hangeul pronunciation in each quiz question is pointing to from the options!


Answer:  ③ New York


Answer:  ② India


Answer:  ③ Japan


Answer:  ① Beijing


Answer:  ① Cairo


Answer:  ② Sydney


Answer:  ② Bangkok


Answer:  ① Jakarta


Answer:  ③ Cape Town


Answer:  ① Philippines



We're super curious to see how many you got right :) We hope you nailed them all!


Isn't it fascinating that you can express English pronunciations in Hangeul as well? By adopting a learning habit of expressing phrases we usually use in English in Hangeul, even if you're not actively studying Korean at this moment, using Hangeul in this way can help ensure you retain what you've learned.



🚨 Attention

Today's quiz aims to read English pronunciations written in Hangeul and find the corresponding English word. However, it's important to note that the actual place names featured today have official Korean spellings according to Korean transcription rules, which may differ from their English pronunciations. For example, ‘New York’ is written as ‘뉴욕’ in Korean, ‘Sydney’ as ‘시드니’, and so on.



See you in the next quiz content! The theme for the next one is... shh, it's a secret :)



📍 The quiz questions and formats above are randomly selected from KONOGRAM's Hangeul Path(Quiz game).  


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