K-LEARNING | March.27.2024

Mastering Hangeul: Keep It in Your Memory Forever

How can we keep the Hangeul we worked hard to remember in our minds for a long time, even if we're not using it to study Korean right away?




1️⃣ Try writing in Hangeul using words from your native language that are familiar to you!


If you quickly forget Hangeul you learned, you’ll be so upset!

The first way to never forget Hangeul once studied – Let’s use Hangeul often!


As a phonetic alphabet, Hangeul can represent a wide range of sounds. Take advantage of this in your learning process!


Transliterating words from your native language into Hangeul can make the learning process more relatable and help reinforce your memory. Why not give it a try?




2️⃣ Read the names of your favorite idols, song titles, and song lyrics written in Hangeul!



The key here is to read slowly, not fast, character by character.


We become familiar with Hangeul by using it to study our favorite Korean dramas, Korean movies, Korean songs, Korean singers(Korean idols), and Korean actors.


Let's take an example with a Korean idol's name! 

On the left, the English represents the English name of idol, and on the right, the Hangeul is the Korean name.



How about these ways? 😀


There are indeed many novel and innovative ways to remember Hangeul, which you've learned with much effort, for a long time!


See you in the next content!



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