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Hangeul Unveiled: The Correct Spelling of Korea's Script

If you want to say, “I studied Hangeul!”

Remember only one thing:  Hangeul! 



1) Hangul vs. Hangeul



After thorough investigation, it has been determined that the correct term is Hangeul. 


We directly inquired with the ‘National Institute of Korean Language’ in Korea and received a clear response.


The accurate English spelling for 한글 is indeed Hangeul : 


Here’s the response from the ‘National Institute of Korean Language’ ,



2) Hangul and Hangeul, should we make a distinction when using them?

We highly recommend making a distinction when using them : ) 😀
Despite encountering many Korean language and education materials still using 'Hangul', and even some Korean language teachers teaching it as 'Hangul', it can be confusing. Some might wonder if it's really necessary to differentiate between the two. 


However, the reason for making the distinction is quite simple.


Because the official name of this script is Hangeul, as designated in Korea. 😘


There are various terms that refer to Hangeul...Hangul, Korean…

When expressing the pronunciation of Hangeul in English, it has been converted to 'Hangul' and used, but this term refers to Korean letters, and the proper name of the script is 'Hangeul’, as decided in Korea according to Korean notation.


It's easier to understand if you compare it with a 'name’. 😘


My parents gave me the name Hangeul, but it’s as if my name was changed to Hangul because Hangeul is difficult to pronounce, write, or remember.


There must be a reason why my parents gave me the name Hangeul, right? 😱😥😂



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