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Mastering Sounds: Learn to Combine Hangeul Vowels and Consonants

Let's learn the types of Hangeul consonants and vowels and their pronunciations, building upon the principles of consonants and vowels we learned from the previous contents.


Generally, Hangeul study begins with consonants, but here, we will introduce it based on KONOGRAM's Hangeul learning method, enabling quick and easy understanding of pronunciation principles.




🎁 Quick Tips for Learning Hangeul


1. Learn vowels before consonants!


  ① Understand the principle of adding one stroke at a time to the basic Hangeul vowel letters!

  ② After learning vowels, learning consonants allows you to immediately combine them with vowels to produce sounds!



2. For consonants, the learning order followed by Koreans is applied!


📍 The pronunciation method for each letter listed in the table below, the writing method, and the sound produced after combining vowels and consonants can be heard at this link


🚨 The pronunciation of each Hangeul letter listed below(↓↓) is officially prescribed by Korean language organizations.



✅ Vowel Letter Table



✅ Consonant Letter Table


The vowels and consonants we've learned combine in the structure shown below to produce sounds.


Learning vowels and consonants might feel a bit tedious at times😊, but remember🖐, it's all about getting familiar with the sounds and patterns. As you repeatedly see and hear them, you'll naturally pick them up, no need to stress! So, take it easy and enjoy the learning journey. It's not just about memorizing; it's about getting comfortable with the rhythm and flow of the language!



How's that? Easy to understand, right? 😁


Once you grasp the basic principles of combining vowels and consonants and the method of producing sounds through these basic combinations, you'll realize you can create a vast array of combinations with them. 


It's this versatility that allowed Hangeul to take the top spot in the 'Alphabet Olympics', so to speak, being able to represent the most sounds with letters. So, shall we explore what other combinations are possible?


※ Below, 

C=Consonant, V=Vowel, Double final consonants are represented as CC



📍 The above image(↑) is 

captured from the learning materials of JEONGEUM-Card, 

a Korean board game



In a later content, we'll explore how to express the sounds of various countries using Hangeul. Stay tuned and look forward to it! See you next time.


📍 Source of this content: KONOGRAM.com

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