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Celebrating the Musical Journey of EXID: A Dive into Their Mini Albums

A Dream Beyond - The Genesis of EXID

EXID, a five-member girl group, made their debut on August 13, 2012, under Banana Culture Entertainment. The group's name, an acronym for "Exceed In Dreaming" signifies their aspiration to surpass dreams. Initially intended to be pronounced as "Exceed" the pronunciation was adjusted to "EXID" to avoid association with the drug-related connotations of "Acid" and "Ecstasy". This change underscores their unique identity and sets the stage for their musical journey.



Debut Date: February 16, 2012

Official Debut: August 13, 2012

Debut Album:

- First Single: HOLLA

- First Mini Album: HIPPITY HOP

Leader: Solji

Sub-unit: Dasoni

Genre: K-POP, Dance

Company: Banana Culture Entertainment

Agency in China: Banana Project

Agency in Japan: Agos Production

Official Color: ECLIPSE

Fandom Name: LEGGO



Mini Album 1: HIPPITY HOP - A Fresh Start

Released with the help of hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger, EXID's first mini-album "HIPPITY HOP" showcases a blend of the members' emotive vocals with high-quality production, offering a distinct charm different from their previous work. The album represents a bold step into the music scene, highlighting the group's versatility and the addition of new members.



Mini Album 2: AH YEAH - Embracing Boldness and Charm

The second mini-album, “AH YEAH” features a mix of hip-hop dance tracks, showcasing EXID's chic and lively personalities. With songs like the title track "Ah Yeah" and “Up & Down” the album highlights the group's ability to convey deep emotions, while "1M" showcases their vocal talents, cementing EXID's diverse musical color.



Mini Album 3: Eclipse - A New Chapter

"Eclipse" marks a significant shift not just in genre but in the group's musical direction, focusing on individual member growth and setting new expectations. Despite Solji's absence, the album paves the way for a complete EXID comeback, promising fans a glimpse of their evolving sound.



Mini Album 4: Full Moon - A Return to Form

With “Full Moon” EXID welcomed back Solji after her hiatus due to hyperthyroidism. The album, featuring the hit “DDD” signifies a full-circle moment for the group, blending their signature sound with new elements and showcasing their resilience and growth.



Mini Album 5: WE - A Collective Spirit

"WE" shifts focus from individuality to the power of unity. Abandoning solo tracks for a cohesive group sound, this album represents a bold departure from EXID's previous musical explorations, emphasizing strong, emotive vocals and a refined music style that still retains EXID's unique charm.



Mini Album 6: X - A Decade of EXID

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, "X" is a testament to EXID's enduring appeal and the deep connection they share with their fans. Produced by Shinsadong Tiger and member LE, the album revisits the group's iconic hits while introducing new tracks that embody EXID's musical identity and their journey's evolution.



A Legacy of Innovation and Unity

EXID's mini-albums chronicle a journey of musical experimentation, personal growth, and collective spirit. From their debut to their 10th-anniversary album “X” EXID has consistently pushed the boundaries of K-pop, proving their genre-defining capabilities. Their music not only captures the essence of their identity but also resonates with a wide audience, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry. As EXID continues to evolve, their legacy of surpassing dreams and embracing change remains a beacon for artists and fans alike.


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