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NMIXX: The Pioneers of a New Era

NMIXX, a six-member girl group from JYP Entertainment, debuted on February 22, 2022. The group's name, NMIXX, signifies the ultimate combination that will lead a new era, blending 'now, new, next,' and the unknown 'n' with 'MIX,' symbolizing diversity.



Debut Date: February 22, 2022

Debut Album: 1st Single AD MARE

Leader: Haewon

Genre: MIXX POP, R&B

Company: JYP Entertainment

Agency in America: Republic Records

Fandom Name: NSWER



EP 1: "expérgo": The Dawning of "Docking Station"

The first EP, "expérgo" marks the beginning of the "Docking Station" series, following the "New Frontier" series. It represents the girls' journey of overcoming their fears, symbolized by a giant cat, and moving forward to face new challenges.


NMIXX discovers MONOPOLE, a secretive entity amplifying girls' fears to hinder their adventures and attack diversity. They find a frame created by MONOPOLE trapping many people like pictures in a frame, planning a rescue mission to free them.


The narrative emphasizes the societal pressure to conform and the importance of celebrating individuality. NMIXX envisions a world where quirky and lovely beings coexist, embracing and understanding each other's differences.



EP 2: "Fe3O4: BREAK":  Embarking on a New Journey

The second EP, "Fe3O4: BREAK" continues the saga with the "Fe3O4" series, showcasing NMIXX's pioneering spirit. After overcoming adversities in the “Docking Station”, the series evolves with the girls facing new challenges as they temporarily stay in the FIELD, realizing that utopia is a space we must actively create and shape together.

While in the FIELD, NMIXX challenges the concepts and practices that limit and divide us, initiating their first BREAK towards transforming the world. They embark on a mission to dismantle barriers, advocating for a society that celebrates diversity and fosters unity.




NMIXX's journey through their EPs encapsulates a message of courage, love, and wisdom. By challenging the status quo and advocating for a world where differences are celebrated, NMIXX invites us to join them in creating a utopia where everyone can coexist freely and authentically. Their music not only entertains but also inspires a reflection on the kind of world we wish to live in and contribute to making it a reality.


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