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NewJeans: Stitching New Sounds into the Tapestry of K-Pop with 'New Jeans' and 'Get Up' EPs

Debut and Vision

On July 22, 2022, a five-member multinational girl group under ADOR made their debut, marking the arrival of a new era in K-Pop. Named NewJeans, this group embodies the idea that pop music is as integral to daily life as the clothes we wear. Just as jeans have been a timeless item loved by people of all ages across generations, NewJeans aims to become a perennial icon in the music industry. They aspire to be the "New Genes" of music, signifying a fresh and enduring presence.



Debut Date: July 22, 2022 

Debut Album: EP 1 "New Jeans"

Genres: Dance Pop, Electropop, Moombahton, R&B, Hip Hop, Jersey Club

Company: ADORE


Fandom Name: Bunnies



1st EP: “New Jeans”

Released on August 1, 2022, NewJeans' debut EP, “New Jeans” posed a question about the essence of good music. This EP challenged the conventional formulas of K-Pop by embracing a pop foundation without confining itself to a single style. With a focus on sophisticated easy-listening pop, the album features understated, natural sound engineering that highlights the authentic voices of NewJeans' teenage members. The four tracks encapsulate the pure charm and unique energy of the members, weaving individual narratives into a comprehensive reflection of teenage lifestyle. By releasing three title tracks, NewJeans aimed to fully convey their message, stepping beyond individual stories to craft a narrative about “us”.



2nd EP: “Get Up”

NewJeans released their second EP, “Get Up” on July 21, 2023. The album starts with a prologue-like track, moving through three title songs—"Super Shy", “ETA” and "Cool With You"—and an interlude track “Get Up”, before concluding with the epilogue “ASAP”. It is recommended to experience the entire album in sequence to appreciate the narrative and stories embedded within each song. "Get Up" showcases a matured NewJeans, still radiating their natural and refined charm and commitment to producing quality music. The album encapsulates the group's ambition and determination to become timeless icons, akin to the ever-relevant and beloved jeans, and reaffirms their identity as “New Gens".


The OST for this year's hottest Korean drama, “My Demon” is performed by NewJeans.The first OST of “My Demon” titled “Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day” is performed by the syndrome group NewJeans. Since their debut in July 2022, they have received love from fans worldwide, releasing numerous hit songs including “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, “Ditto”, “OMG” and “Super Shy”. Notably, with their recent mini-album “Get Up” they achieved global success by reaching number one on the US Billboard main album chart, the Billboard 200, and placing all three title tracks from the album on the main song chart, the Hot 100.




NewJeans has swiftly emerged as a symbol of innovation and timelessness in the global music scene. Through their albums "New Jeans" and “Get Up” they have articulated their vision and showcased their unique identity. As NewJeans continues to evolve and inspire, they remain true to their goal of being an enduring icon, much like the beloved jeans that never go out of style. Their music not only resonates with the youth but also spans across generations, embodying the spirit of the new generation while paying homage to the timeless appeal of pop music.


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