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A clear and pure Korean soju brand mirroring Jeju Island's nature: HALLASAN SOJU


The traditional Korean liquor “Soju🥂”, beloved by many foreigners, there are regional varieties of soju, among which Hallasan Soju represents Jeju Island.

Hallasan Soju is made with the clear and clean water from Jeju's volcanic bedrock.💦



Shall we delve deeper into Hallasan Soju?


Overview of HALLASAN

Overview of Company Name : Hallasan Soju

Established: 1950

Business Areas:

✅ Distilled Soju Production: Product development and manufacturing through various distilled soju production processes

✅ Sales: Local sales and expansion into global markets

💻 Homepage: www.hallasan.co.kr



What meaning is contained in the Hallasan logo of Jeju?




The entire circle represents the unity of Jeju Island's nature and Hallasan Soju, symbolizing "oneness".

The mountain inside depicts Hallasan, consistent with the soju's name, while the clouds and waves symbolize Jeju Island's integration with nature.🌿

From the logo, you can glimpse the company's determination to produce clear and clean soju, capturing the pristine nature of Jeju Island!🏝️



What is Soju?


Soju is a clear, colorless distilled liquor, a traditional Korean alcohol.


Hallasan Soju is the iconic regional Soju of Jeju Island.💙

It is made exclusively from 100 percent pure local capital of Jeju Island, without any additives, enabling you to taste the pristine nature of Jeju Island directly!🌊



Soju Made from Jeju Island's Pristine Nature


Hallasan Soju is crafted from the highest quality volcanic bedrock water, which is naturally filtered through volcanic rock layers without undergoing any chemical processing.

Good water leads to good Soju!👍

Experience the smooth and clean taste of Soju, enriched with minerals.❄️



Hallasan Soju Museum Tour


If you visit Jeju Island, don't miss the Hallasan Soju History Museum!🧐



The Hallasan Soju History Museum allows you to visually experience the history and the making process of Hallasan Soju, and you can also try tasting it.

Wouldn't it be an exciting place for adults who are interested in Korean Soju culture?🍶❤️



The Various Types of Hallasan Soju



✔️Original Soju


The original soju from Hallasan, a premium soju made from distilled rice produced in clean Jeju and volcanic bedrock water.

Looking for a drink without a hangover? That's the original💕



✔️Hallasan Mild Taste


A mild-tasting soju with a deep flavor and clean finish, made by blending distilled Jeju barley spirit.

Looking for a low-alcohol, zero sugar soju? That's Hallasan Mild💕



✔️Fruit Soju (International Version)


Abroad, for foreigners, a refreshing fruit soju that combines fresh fruits with Hallasan is very popular.

You can taste various kinds of fruit soju, including sweet peach🍑 flavor, refreshing pineapple🍍 flavor, fragrant lychee flavor, and cool watermelon🍉 flavor.


All products are available overseas, so try them out now and fall in love with the charm of Hallasan Soju.🥰



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