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Unveiling Red Velvet Members' Name Stories!

Third Star After BLACKPINK and BTS: Red Velvet!

Today, we're diving into the world of another amazing K-pop group, Red Velvet!


You'll get to read the real Korean names of your favorite stars, discover the meanings behind their names, and learn about the cultural significance of Korean names. It's a triple treat!


Let's get started!


🖐 Important Korean Name Culture 🖐


Every Korean name is unique and has its own special story. Even if names look and sound the same, they can have completely different meanings.




Here's a cool tip for mastering the Korean alphabet, Hangeul: try saying and reading the names of your favorite stars!


Kmall24 gives you a fun way to explore the true meanings of these Korean names.




SEULGI /강슬기/ Kang Seul-gi


Seul-gi is the only member of Red Velvet who uses her real name instead of a stage name. Her name, Seul-gi, is a pure Korean name. The person who named her probably wished for Seul-gi to be wise and intelligent, and to live such a life. 


Seul-gi means 😁 the ability to make sound judgments and handle matters well 😁. Many Korean girls have this name. 


The name Seul-gi(슬기) sounds beautiful and charming, giving a sense of wisdom. The other members often say that Seul-gi is calm, wise, and has a positive outlook on life, just as her name suggests. Seul-gi truly lives up to her name! 



YERI / 김예림/ Kim Ye-rim



YERI's real Korean name is Ye-rim. When a name includes Ye(예), it usually gives two main impressions: 


① A person with extraordinary artistic sense and talent. 

② A person with good manners and etiquette. 



The Ye(예) in Ye-rim symbolizes talent, skill, literary arts, art, and etiquette/morality. Rim(림) means beauty, nobility, and dignity. Most notably, Rim(림) contains the meaning of a king, representing the highest level or position. 


In other words, Ye-rim's name means 😁 a person of outstanding talent 😁, suggesting that her talents are at the highest level. Whether a person grows to fit their name or a name is chosen to fit the person, it's amazing how her name seems so fitting now! She is a person with outstanding artistic talents and unique charm! 


The name Ye-rim sounds elegant and sophisticated, evoking the image of a woman with exceptional qualities just by hearing it. 



JOY / 박수영/ Park Soo-young


The name Soo-young is a very common and popular female name, but recently, it has also been used by some males. This shows that while it is a very feminine name, it can also be slightly unisex. 


The meanings of Soo() and Young() in the name Soo-young are so broad and extensive that even when the name is the same, the meanings can be almost completely different.

Interestingly, Choi Soo-young of Girls' Generation and Soo-young of Red Velvet both have the same meanings for Soo(수) and Young(영) in their names. This means that while their last names are different, the meanings of their first names are the same! 


The common meaning of the name Soo-young is 😁 blooming beautiful flower 😁, which means a person whose talents and wisdom blossom beautifully like a magnificent flower. It represents a person and a life that excels in everything and achieves the greatest success and beauty. 


The name is easy to pronounce because it doesn't contain any difficult final consonants, making it pleasant to say and hear. This shows once again how important it is to choose a good name! 



IRENE / 배주현/ Bae Joo-hyun


IRENE's real Korean name, Joo-hyun, may seem quite different from her stage name, which means Goddess of Peace”. In fact, Joo-hyun means a strong and reliable person. 


The name Joo-hyun is very gender-neutral and can be used by both men and women. Although it is a common name, the meanings of the characters Joo (주) and  Hyun(현) are so varied that even people with the same name can have different meanings. 


In the Korean name of IRENE, Joo(주) means a central and essential role, like the trunk of a tree, and it also means a person with exceptional talents. In summary, it means 😁 a person who has many talents and virtues, occupies important positions, and plays a central and vital role 😁. It's amazing that IRENE, the leader of Red Velvet, fits this description perfectly! 


Just as her real name suggests, IRENE has become the strong pillar and central figure of Red Velvet with her outstanding talents, leading the group to become a world-class K-pop idol group. 



WENDY / 손승완/ Shon Seung-wan 


When Koreans first hear the name Seung-wan, very few, if any, would think of a woman. This is because Seung-wan is a name commonly used by men. The pronunciation also gives off a masculine, strong, and confident vibe. 


Sometimes, girls are given names that are traditionally used for boys, especially if the parents want their daughter to live a strong and vigorous life. Perhaps WENDY's parents named her Seung-wan in the hope that she would lead a robust and spirited life. 


The character Seung(승) in Seung-wan is a versatile character with various meanings, such as 🎁 to win, 🎁 to triumph, or 🎁 to succeed. The character Wan(완) means 🎁 complete or 🎁 perfect. 



Interestingly, WENDY's English name was chosen by her father, who hoped that she would become 💎 a person who helps others💎. 


If this sentiment is reflected in her Korean name, the Seung(승) might mean 🎁 to succeed or 🎁 to carry on. This could imply 😁 a person who carries on a great teacher’s legacy, using her innate talents and abilities to serve society and the world, making significant contributions 😁. 



If you're a fan of Red Velvet, you should know this much! 



당신의 한국 이름은 무엇인가요? 

What is your Korean name? 



📍 Source of this content: KONOGRAM.com 

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