K-TREND | May.28.2024

WINTER of aespa: A Starlet's Tale in K-pop

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From her middle school days, WINTER aspired to become an idol singer. She was actively involved in her school's dance club, exemplifying a diligent and exemplary student. She held positions like the vice-president of the student body and was a part of the leadership team. She stood out for her beauty and kindness and was a notable student, as mentioned in her school introduction.



Real Name: Kim Minjeong, 김민정, 金旼炡

Date of Birth: January 1, 2001

Nationality: Korea

Company: SM Entertainment

Group: aespa





On July 10, 2016, WINTER was scouted at a dance festival in Yangsan City during her third year of middle school. Initially skeptical of the scouting, thinking it was a scam, she was convinced only after the agent showed their business card. She mentioned that realizing her debut was imminent made her question her abilities, driving her to practice even harder.




WINTER stands out as the main vocalist in aespa, recognized for her superior singing abilities among her contemporaries. Alongside Ningning, she leads the vocal line in aespa. Her voice is noted for its versatility – cold and sharp in title tracks, while warm and soft in cover songs, contributing significantly to aespa's musical appeal.




WINTER is distinguished as the lead dancer in aespa. Experts often describe her more as a dancer than an idol, fitting perfectly with aespa's cyberpunk style. Her movements incorporate popping techniques, and she is mindful of not overexerting herself on stage. Her dance lines are smooth and precise, earning her a reputation for needing multiple viewings of her focus cams to fully appreciate her skill.




As part of aespa, WINTER has released several hit tracks and albums. Their discography includes singles like "Black Mamba," "Next Level," and "Savage." Although details about variety show appearances, OSTs, and specific awards weren't mentioned, aespa as a group has been involved in various TV shows and has won several awards since their debut, showcasing their growing influence in the K-pop industry.