Glutinous Rice Yakgwa Set 3kg

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HOJEONG FOOD creates high quality and traditional Korean food by selecting the finest ingredients and using careful craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on preserving the heritage of Korea's beautiful confectionary culture through three generations of wisdom accumulated by traditional food masters. We aim to make timeless treats that can connect multiple generations through sweet taste and celebrating well-being.

Glutinous Rice Yakgwa Set (1kg / 3kg)


"Deep-fried Honey Cookie," a signature traditional Korean treat. Discover why it's loved by so many for its chewy texture & sweet taste!


Key Features of Glutinous Rice Yakgwa

Sweet and Soft with Sticky Rice

Rich and excellent flavoring using classic Korean snacks made from rice like Yeot taffy candy and Jocheong crafted honey.
In Korea, ‘Yakgwa’ has long been a high-quality food for ancestral ceremonies, and it is still a traditional snack shared with family members on holidays where many people gather.

Makes a Great Gift for Friends, Teams & Loved Ones

Individually packaged cookies for hygiene & convenience!
This snack was carefully prepared with traditional techniques and individually packaged to preserve its fresh taste and look presentable for special occasions.
It's easy to eat in one bite-size and pairs well with any warm tea or coffee.


Why you will love

Hangwa, traditional Korean Snacks & Confectionary

‘Hangwa’ (Traditional Korean Snacks & Confectionery) have been passed down for a thousand+ years. It is not just food but symbolizes Korea's unique food culture sharing its value in contemporary times.

Korean Food Grand Master, Yoo Young Goon

Grand Master, Yoo Young Goon in Hojeongga (traditional food) is the 3rd generation that is succeeding the secrets to making Hangwa (traditional Korean confectionery), Yeot (rice taffy), and Jocheong (grain craft honey). Our foods embrace a Grand Master's pride based on an unyielding belief that Hangwa, including Yakgwa, is not just food but is a tradition that contains the national spirit and culture.

Delivering the taste and energy of nature

HOJEONG FOOD makes all products with clean ingredients derived from nature. Experience the taste and energy of nature through colors and fragrances collected from cactus, bamboo leaf, sweet pumpkin, and gardenia seeds.

The basic ingredients for flavoring, which becomes the root of traditional Korean food, are Yeot (rice taffy), and Jocheong (grain honey syrup).
Flavored with Korean rice Jocheong (grain honey syrup) personally made by the Grand Master, the products of Hojeongga taste rich and pure. Yeot and Jocheong made with Korean rice don't just sweeten, but instead, add savory flavor.


How to enjoy

Premium class Korean traditional snack


- Glutinous Rice Yakgwa goes well with coffee or tea.
- Enjoy your tea-time with the chewy texture & sweet taste!
- Hangwa, including Yugwa and Yakgwa made with Jocheong (grain syrup) are softer and more delicious, especially in winter when stored in a warm place or heated in a microwave.



Glutinous Rice Yakgwa Set - 1kg

- Weight : 1kg
- Width : 210mm
- Length : 180 mm
- Height : 85mm
- Contents (Qty) : 25~30 pcs

Glutinous Rice Yakgwa Set - 3kg

- Weight : 3kg
- Width : 260mm
- Length : 180 mm
- Height : 150mm
- Contents (Qty) : 70~90 pcs

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