THINKECO Reusable Organic Cotton pad(XL)


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* 100% organic cotton
* 100% Organic Content Standard(OCS) Certified Cotton without toxic chemicals (No dyes, No Bleach, No Chemicals)
* It eliminates unpleasant odor and helps relieve skin troubles.
* The absorption layer absorbs rapidly and does not leak.
* Travel is good with Portable design.

Material : oganic cotton 100%
Size : 350mm
How to use : Adjust the liner to narrow underwear with its 2 buttons.
Made in Korea
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Washing Tip : It’s portable than cotton sanitary pad and can be used as normal underwear for it’s easy to wash and dry.
Product Points :
A product that can be used daily without any skin troubles and uncomfortableness.
Feel the softness of 100% organic cotton.

No need to worry about being seen through clothes for its mini size. (Length : 350mm, Thickness : 4.7mm)

Do you have abdominal pain every month?

THINKECO Reusable Organic Cotton pad(L)

Are you worried about itching, rashes, secretions, and smell of your skin using chemical sanitary napkins? 

THINKECO Reusable Organic Cotton pad(L)

Organic cotton sanitary napkins are made of cotton grown for over three years without chemical fertilizers or insecticides. 

THINKECO Reusable Organic Cotton pad(L)

- You can use it comfortably in daily life or at night. 

THINKECO Reusable Organic Cotton pad(L)

- Use 100% organic cotton without fluorescent bleach, formaldehyde, dioxin and hazardous chemical dyes. 

THINKECO Reusable Organic Cotton pad(L)

- 100% organic cotton napkins do not use dyes or bleach, they use simple design that is friendly to nature and use han-jisa fabric which is friendly to nature. 

THINKECO Reusable Organic Cotton pad(L)

Just soak the used pads in cold water with laundry soap and wash them by machine or hand

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