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"We" is one of the 'myth' ...
Myth of the Myth (神話) continues ...
February 26, Group 12 myths regular album
'We' announcement!

"We" is one of the 'myth' ...

Year to 17 years, and returned to the truly brilliant in the name of 'myth' 'Legend' is a group of myths regular 12th album 'We'.
2013 November last regular album, 'The Classic' a stylish and classic charm that had taken hold of the public to disclose Group myths 12th album 'We' show the highest state of perfection in just over 1 year and 9 months and over again The recording of the masterpiece.

Every album unrivaled performance and group myth that overwhelmed the eye with a trendy melody while the Dow Myth Through this album, and Andrew Jackson, London noise only for the music to showcase this myth, but Kim Do-hyun, e.one, iconic Sounds imhamyeo such a long time working with the talented corps across the domestic and foreign birth was again of the highest quality to show the album 'unique' and a presence in the music industry.

The 12 'target' was chosen as the title track of the album is a myth angin the past most trophies 'This Love' and 'Venus' first London team participated noise compositions on the album was written by Andrew Jackson and The Myth of collaboration in one, the sound of electronic dance music shuffle tinge of charm reminiscent of the strong beat of a song spleen and Western movies.
In addition, the myth that looked good to always imagine more than a stage in the first and unique performances every album is the title track of this 'target' the understated charm of the rugged and powerful man seemed to target a woman in a concentrated ginseng personalized choreography to the members of each part was represented by Defence.

As well as the title track, "target" of the music video, sun, eyes, nose, mouth, '' I miss 'of 2NE1,' BLUE 'of the Big Bang, G-Dragon's "slouching in' of less than or equal to" 1, 2, 3, was 4 'and Hansa Min made a music video director of many artists took the megaphone, sexy, yet strong embellish with great charm, the jacket photo Kim Soo-hyun, Yoo Seung-ho, Son Ye-jin, IU, Park Shin Hye, who have conducted a pictorial work, along with Lee nation's best Photographer Kim, Young - Joon artist has participated, with only by experts representing the field for the best album yet has created a "masterpiece album.

In addition, members myth has also come forward to the new approach that changes according to the nature of the existing vocal track and raepton that only had through this album, Eric rap songs after the making of the album is also the last album, Lee Min Woo is 'Alright', 'Give it 2 Me', 'I'm in Love', a total of three exercise utmost to go out of their musical talents led to producing the lyrics of the song and the entire album devoted themselves to this album.

For the best staff and best music led to the maximum capacity to embellish, to demonstrate the highest level of the myth of the myth like a 12-house album 'We' is now unfolds in front of 'us'.

February 26, 2015.
The group myth regular 12th album, 'We'.
"We" is one of the 'myth' ... the myth of the myth (神話) continues ...

■ 'This Love' of myth, 'Venus' the founder of,

Andrew Jackson!
Team composed of 'London noise' and holding hands 'myth'
Also make a one of a classic!
Download the 'myth', but only just for the 'myth'
12 title song 'target'!

In 2012, global trends addictive electronica was informed that four years the myth of the 10 successful return to comeback title song genre only in the chorus 'Venus',
By 2013, more classic and understated sexiness serves as a charm, plus the color of the myth, only 11 title song 'This Love' ...

The first involved a team of composers, holding hands for a bit strong comeback in the myth that only noise is 1 year and 9 months in London Electronic Dance Shuffle songs to participate in the composition of both the title track and Andrew Jackson introduced the myth and the best breath and the new album ' gave birth to a target.

Group Andrew Jackson participated in 12 regular album's title song 'target' of myth as the UK's leading composers working with Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, back in 2012 initially focused breathing 10 title song 'Venus' of myth, a myth since Send home the title song to the last 11, first love calls 'This Love' was written in the present time the team has participated in the title song 'target' of 12 album with the London noise, the last three albums, the title track to the myths and the most breath Kane serves to expect a more intense look.

Only intense just for 'myth' 'Andrew Jackson & the London noise' rigging 'targeted' ...
Powerful bit and gyeonul their hearts many a brilliant performance, "myth" will be out in the history of the most powerful songs ...

Six men + hot love in the sense of containing colorful visuals 'target' music video!
Big Bang, G-Dragon, sun and less than or equal to, Lee Seung-hwan, etc.
M / V shooting coach Hansa civil participation!

The music video is the 12th album title song 'target' the myth of the Big Bang, G-Dragon, sun, 2NE1, less than or equal to, Lee Seung-hwan, Hansa had directed a music video director Minh such Eun Mi Lee grabbed a megaphone.

This is the title track of the Hansa coach Min expressed love women as 'targets' and naeteumyeo lead the masculine atmosphere to match the focus on the hot love song sung by members of the six men who take care of their charisma and personality to win her, feeling and has a stylish visuals directed a music video of enthralling strong impression your eyes and ears.

The best music video shoot progressed for 2 nights and 3 days visuals three studios and six individual members of compelling charm set, meaning the way of their own heart, only to grab a woman with a small to artistic visuals production, more visual appeal to the song and the music video was completed to overwhelm the eye.

Sensational sound and visuals added to the colorful and stylish performance ...
A woman filled with strong appeal of the targeted ginseng 'myth' 'target' of the music video would capture the attention of everyone.

best performance, choreography show more
The title song 'target'!
Implications extreme gorgeous! 2015 edition of the choreography expectations of 'Brand New'!

Using the chair as performance props 'Wild Eyes', but looked good standing micro sexy strong performance 'Perfect Man', who directed the large gorgeous choreography 'Brand New', and the last in 2013 introduced the nation's first dance to the best boging watched the performance 'This Love' by ...

Each sheet of the first songs ever, a more robust configuration uniquely choreographed group performance through this myth featuring the title song 'target' showcase focused personalized choreography to members of each part.

Especially, the 'target' is a colorful and dynamic 2015 version because he represented a high variety of genres mature enough to be called choreography of 'Brand New' which boasts a full-performance, powerful and charismatic emphasis on masculinity as a full notch choreography

 Is expected to record a new segment of the 'myth' down system performance.

Photographer Kim, Young - Joon nation's leading writers,
Myth 12 houses participating album jacket!
March 03 hanjeongban 'Special Edition' 40,000,
March 5 General Van 'Thanksgiving Edition released!

1 year 9 months alone comeback ...
The appearance of the mythical 12th album became more intense Serve found everywhere.

Group myth has nation's top photographers Kim, Young - Joon artist and album jacket shooting together in order to produce a more mature charm, as well as 12 high musical maturity through this album.

Kim Soo-hyun, Yoo Seung-ho, Son Ye-jin, IU, Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, including pictorial photographers who have conducted the work with the best winning actor Kim, Young - Joon writer found packed in fine seureowoomyeonseodo stylish, yet sexy, yet the strong appeal of Shinhwa album cover.

In addition to making a 'special edition' 40,000 of the highest specification with a hard cover hardcover March 3, the group released the March 5th General Van 'Thanksgiving Edition 12 The myth is home to work with Kim, Young - Joon Photo Book writer configured with the album, was produced a long time to be a precious gift to his fans wait for the comeback of the myth.
- Album Details -

* THANKS EDITION general anti album
* Hard Cover + 52P Photobook + 1DISC

* Size: Width 167mm x length 162mm + 14mm (thickness)

1. Alright
2. 고양이
3. 표적
4. White Shirts
5. Don't Cry
6. 얼음달
7. Give it 2 Me
8. I'm in Love
9. Memory
10. Never Give Up

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