[BEBEFOOD] sweet sautéed red pepper paste


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* Origin : Korea
* Net contents : 250 g
* Expiration date : 12 months from the manufacture date
* Ingredients : glutinous rice red pepper paste, anchovy, organic sugar, fermented green tea liquor, garlic, perilla seed

Bebefood sweet sautéed red pepper paste  (12 Months+)

contents : 250g / glutinous rice red-pepper paste 55%(Korea)

[BEBEFOOD] sweet sautéed red pepper paste

100% domestic powdered red-pepper

It is made with domestic powdered red-pepper strictly selected.

Non-synthetic additive

It helps to develop healthy eating habits since synthetic additive is not used.

Red-pepper paste made exclusively for infants

Red Pepper Paste to be taken by infants


We used traditional fermentation technique to preserve natural flavor with various nutrients.

Customized recipe for infants

We developed the best recipe for children together with children’s food expert.

Hygienic production

The most safe food has been made under the hygienic production system to meet the exacting standards.

[BEBEFOOD] sweet sautéed red pepper paste

        Not salty, spicy for children enjoying their meal.

       All ingredients are Korean origin except for organic sugar.

       Contains Korean anchovies and washed roasted perilla seed giving relish to red pepper paste.

       Enzymes and unique nutrients of traditional red pepper paste are preserved by using Korean traditional zymotechnics.

       The exclusive recipe for children developed with baby food researcher.

[BEBEFOOD] sweet sautéed red pepper paste

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