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Excellent moisturizing ability helpful for dry skin
Thin oil film that protects skin from the outside
Nutrients helpful for the management of skin troubles
Prevent evaporation to keep moist skin


Skin essence most suitable for human found in the Jeju horse

SUMAYOU OIL is has very similar structure to human fatty acid and therefore the most suitable nutritive oil for human skin.


  • Excellent moisturizing ability helpful for dry skin
  • Thin oil film that protects skin from the outside
  • Nutrients helpful for the management of skin troubles
  • Prevent evaporation to keep moist skin


  • SUMAYOU OIL is a natural material from clean Jeju horses. It does not improve human skin in short period of time. You should use it steadily to supply nutrients to the skin and improve blood circulation, changing you skin into healthy skin.
  • Apply a small amount of SUMAYOU OIL to your skin and rub your skin like you massage it.
  • It is the best when you use it SUMAYOU OIL right before you sleep.
  • SUMAYOU OIL plays roles of skin lotion, essence and nourishing cream. After washing your face, apply SUMAYOU OIL only.
  • SUMAYOU OIL is a natural product. Any people with sensitive skin or elderly people may use it safely.
  • You may apply SUMAYOU OIL to your all body.


※How to use

1) Face Makeup


  1. After washing your face, apply horse oil thinly on the screen before using face location.
    →Washing face in the morning: do not use soap. Use water only.
    ☞There is no foreign substance on the skin as you sleep at the night.
    The sebum that comes out during sleep is composed of sweat and oil and can be removed by water.
    →If you apply horse oil right after washing your face, it coats your skin so that moisture is kept.
  2. After 2-3 minutes, oil is absorbed into the skin and not sticky any more.
  3. After applying horse oil, apply BKSU gel skin, all-in-one lotion and essence.

Usage 2
  1. After washing your face, apply horse oil before applying basic cosmetics and sun cream.
    (It is better to use BKSU gel skin and all-in-one lotion as foundational cosmetics .)
  2. Apply horse oil on the skin and wait about 30 minutes unit it is absorbed into the skin. Then apply sun cream and put on make-up.

* It is better to put on make-up 30-40 minutes of applying horse oil as your face may get flush or chemical components may be absorbed into the skin after applying horse oil.


  1. If you applied a BB cream only, apply horse oil and rub your skin to remove the cream and wash it out with tissue.
  2. When using a horse oil soap, make sufficient bubble before facing your face.


  1. Massage you face and neck with sufficient amount of horse oil once per week.
  2. You may put on a pack additionally after giving sufficient massage.
  3. 50 minutes later, finish massage tapping the skin.

If you don’t like stickiness, tap the skin lightly with tissue. → If you use horse oil a long time (1-2 years), you will have smaller pores of skin. You will be suppressed at your softened skin in the morning.

2) Skin Protection

  • You have rough hands and feet
  • You have dry skin after shower →You may mix horse oil with body cream at the ratio of 1:1. Apply horse oil only on the dead skin cell and atopic skin and massage the area sufficiently.
  • If you have a serious skin trouble, apply more horse oil than usual and massage the area so that the oil can be absorbed deeply.

3) Others

  • Horse oil has cold components and calm down the burned skin once absorbed.
  • If you have athlete’s foot or eczema, clean the skin and apply horse oil.
    →Horse oil is absorbed deeply into the skin to prevent germs from multiplication and palmitoleic acid and ceramide contained in it promote anti-bacterial effect, anti-inflammation and reproduction of cells.


  1. Put on makeup after horse oil is all absorbed. Chemical substance may leave impurities at the poles of skin
  2. Do not mix horse oil with BB cream or foundation, as chemical substances can be absorbed into the skin. Apply horse oil and wait 30 minutes before applying them.
  3. If stickiness is not gone, reduce the applied amount of horse oil

※ Some skin may show different reaction. Check you skin before using it, by applying a small amount of horse oil on the inner side of your arm. 

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