Transform Your Body This Winter [Class 101 Pt. 1]


The following is a special collaboration between Kmall24 and Class 101, Korea’s largest online learning community with classes across multiple categories and languages. 

Join the “Home Training” Sensation

In the wake of a global pandemic, millions of people have found themselves staying at home. And with more and more people seeking ways to improve their health and fitness, we’ve decided to collaborate with Class 101 to highlight the courses that will help you shape up and get fit at home.

Class 101: Reset Your Posture At Home

The usual Pilates machines zeros in on movements that isolate your muscles. This course ditches the bulky equipment and instead ships with an easy-to-use more home-friendly exercise device that's delivered right to your door.

Beaurit Class: Home Training and Pilates for Correcting Body Posture

“Beaurit” is a 5-week total body Pilates fitness course designed to improve your body's posture, shape, and curves for both function and form. As the name implies, the class is all about achieving beautiful aesthetics and functional fitness. It was produced by a duo of famous Korean Pilates instructors named Byul and Sol. 

Together, they worked for 14 years to invent the classes' signature exercise tool, “The Beaurit.” This elegantly simple and cleverly designed device takes the place of expensive Pilates equipment to isolate core movements and essential muscle groups. 

Class 101 provides the option to purchase this online course with a physical "class kit" that ships "The Beaurit" worldwide. But you can also buy the class without the device, as the instructors provide equipment-free alternatives, movements, and exercises throughout.  


Recommended For:

  • People who want to correct bad posture and improve their body shape
  • People who want to spend time on their body
  • People who have trouble finding time to exercise due to busy schedules
  • People who want to use equipment for isolated movements

Learn More: Beaurit Online Class

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