Top Korea-Inspired Influencers (2 / 4)

Welcome to Part 2!

Whether it's on Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and most recently, TikTok, influencers have quickly become a go-to source for a wide range of content. And their ability to engage and entertain audiences is not limited to trending teen hashtags or juicy celebrity gossip. Nowadays, you can find an influencer who can suit almost anyone's preferences. This is especially so for those seeking daily inspiration, useful advice, or merely following a personality to explore an appealing lifestyle.  

Must-Have K-Items Digital Showcase X Creators

Welcome to the second installment of our four-part series that introduces intriguing international influencers. This special group of creators are inspiring audiences with their Korea-related themes, topics, and content. This is a unique Kmall24 collaboration project called, "Must-have K-items Digital Showcase," where we introduce top influencers who share their diverse backgrounds and style to give followers a unique aspect of their lives, and also share their thoughts on the brands and products they enjoy. 

Without further ado, say hello to:

05. Hoju Sara

Sara is a Korean speaking Australian YouTuber living in Seoul. She fell in love with Korean culture when she came across a music video by the KPOP duo TVQX. That experience led her on a quest to learn and consume all things Korean, including the food and language. When she made her first trip to Korea to attend TVQX's concert and soaked in Seoul's sights, tastes, and sounds, she knew she had found a new home away from home. Her YouTube channel, which has surpassed 328,000 subscribers, is primarily delivered in fluent Korean and subtitled in English. Her vlogs, reactions, and commentary about her daily musings, life, and happenings in Korea act as a cultural bridge between Korea and Australia. Her videos and posts on Instagram can be best described as a collection of cuisines, ventures, and local getaways throughout the peninsula. 


One of Sara's most popular videos is her visit to a Korean skin clinic where she experiences some of the many renowned skin treatments that's put Seoul on the map as the world's beauty capital.

For an influencer, it's essential to take time out for self-care and beauty. Still, with Sara's busy schedule, it can be challenging to make it to her regular skin clinic appointments. And with that in mind, check out some of her appropriately picked product choices, including an eye-catching and sleek LED clock that helps her balance her time, mood, and beauty.


06. Jiang Li Zi (苗姜丽子)

Jiang Li Zi is a Chinese-Korean actress and influencer living in Korea, and is also an MC for KCNTV, a Korea-China Broadcasting network that conveys the lives of Chinese living in Korea. She's known for being a cultural ambassador and bridge between both cultures. And she fell in love with Korea through her fascination and interest in Korean TV dramas, which led to her moving to Seoul as a study-abroad student seven years ago. She primarily publishes her content on the Chinese platform Weibo, but she can also be seen on KCNTV's YouTube channel to better engage her Korean followers. Her videos introduce diverse Korean topics, including culture, food, travel and more. 




In the post above, Jiang Li Zi introduces her favorite street in the lovely neighborhood of Samcheong-dong, Seoul. She's wearing a hanbok, a Korean traditional formal dress, and stops by famous spots and scenes featured in Korean TV dramas. 

Jiang's hustle and bustle as an actress, MC, and influencer, can leave her in need of thirst-quenching refreshment. And with so many soft drink varieties to choose from, she's become quite the Korean beverage connoisseur. Check out how she keeps herself hydrated and replenished with her product picks and selections. 


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07. Vivien Tianjiang (Vivien天酱)

Vivien is a graduate student at Korea University, majoring in media and moonlights as a beauty and fashion influencer and blogger. Her content and posts revolve around popular Korean style, makeup, and cosmetics brands. She frequently publishes her reviews on Chinese platforms such as Weibo, where she has achieved "Wanghong" status, the Chinese term for internet celebrity. With over 1 million followers and counting, Vivien's fans look forward to seeing a glimpse into her world of Korean lifestyle. 


The video shows her visiting a mega beauty retail chain, Chicor, located in the hyper shopping neighborhood of Myeong-dong, Seoul. During her visit, which she originally live-streamed, she shows off the beauty store's vast assortment of 200+ Korean and global brands being sold on their retail shelves. Her Chinese fans, curious about Korea, have come to appreciate her insider's guide and approach, which offers useful tips on tourism and popular items. 

Vivien's fans look forward to her opinions on new unique luxury buys, especially since Chinese consumers lead the world in luxury purchases. Her eye for fashion and a style sense for the extravagance is worth looking into, so be sure to check out her picks and tips below:

08. Dr. Kimchiyeo (김치여박사/泡菜女博士) 


Dr. Kimchiyeo (Dr. Kimchi Lady) is a Korean influencer, Ph.D. student of oriental medicine, and both a survivor and an on-going fighter (not in the traditional sense anyway). Her online channels cut across Weibo and YouTube to touch audiences' hearts with a captivating blend of romance, sadness, and earnestness. Why? Because two years ago, her world was turned upside down when she received some devastating news. Up to this point, she thought life was going according to plan; she was on her way to fulfill her dreams of becoming a professor and had just become a newlywed to her longtime Chinese boyfriend. But then she was diagnosed with cancer. However, instead of failing into despair, she used her channel to promote wellness and it grew into a celebration of life that has been met with genuine support from her loyal fans and followers.

Although she does not try to focus on reviewing products, she favors brands aligned with her health-conscious themed content, especially ones that use oriental plant and herbal ingredients. Be sure to check out her recommendations on Wellness-inspired products.  


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