Top Korea-Inspired Influencers (3 / 4)

Welcome to Part 3!

Whether it's on Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and most recently, TikTok, influencers have quickly become a go-to source for a wide range of content. And their ability to engage and entertain audiences is not limited to trending teen hashtags or juicy celebrity gossip. Nowadays, you can find an influencer who can suit almost anyone's preferences. This is especially so for those seeking daily inspiration, useful advice, or merely following a personality to explore an appealing lifestyle.  

Must-Have K-Items Digital Showcase X Creators

Welcome to the third installment of our four-part series that introduces intriguing international influencers. This special group of creators are inspiring audiences with their Korea-related themes, topics, and content. This is a unique Kmall24 collaboration project called, "Must-have K-items Digital Showcase," where we introduce top influencers who share their diverse backgrounds and style to give followers a unique aspect of their lives, and also share their thoughts on the brands and products they enjoy. 

Without further ado, say hello to:

09. Q2HAN

Q2Han is a smash YouTube channel created by two Korean fashionistas and identical twin sisters living in Seoul, Qwon & Qjin. Born only a minute apart in Korea, but raised in Oklahoma City. These twins offer a unique panorama of young Koreans who grew up abroad but are now starting a new chapter of their lives back in Seoul. They graduated from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, CA, making them uniquely qualified opinion leaders for styles and trends. Their YouTube channel has amassed more than 570,000 subscribers to date, and this comes as no surprise. Why? Because once you watch their distinctly upbeat videos covering fashion and shopping topics such as style critiques, brand hauls, and DIY hacks, you'll be hooked. They've become so well known for their creative flair and tips that they've been sought out by celebrities for style collaboration videos. In fact, one of their most viewed videos is a collaboration with KARD, the hit KPOP group, and Kmall24's very own celebrity ambassadors. 

If you're looking to make a new fashion statement, then check out Q2HANS' review and style tear-down of some eye-catching designer bags and backpacks turning heads in the streets of Seoul. 


View Q2HAN's Picks
10. Farina Jo

Farina Jo is a German YouTuber living in Korea who has been captivating audiences domestically and abroad with her eccentric style and beauty sense. Her videos provide a window into her personal work, social and romantic life with her Korean boyfriend. He is also a regular on her channel. Together they create an entertaining content duo that dives into a mashup between Korean and German culture through reaction videos, pranks, makeovers, and KPOP reviews. She describes her channel's purpose as "traveling the world and spreading happiness along the way!" 


Some of her most-watched videos are capturing the reaction of pranks on her boyfriend and sharing Korean dishes with her German friends and family. One, for example, is entitled "Germans Try Korean Chicken & Beer." 


11. Megan Bowen

Megan is a wildly popular, funny and entertaining American Youtuber living in Korea. She’s best known for her vlogs that unpack her life’s adventures that explore a wide variety of topics and issues she is encountering with Korean culture. As a multicultural YouTuber fitting into Korea, Megan's perspective has gained a lot of fascination since foreigners only make up 3% of the Korean population. Her videos are a mashup of topics and hard to place in any single category. Her funny and upbeat commentary explores issues like handling communications with her Korean-in laws, gathering opinions from everyday Koreans, and even entering Korean fitness and bodybuilding competitions as a foreign contestant. She attracted many of her followers by staying ahead of K-beauty makeup and fashion trends and often shares her reviews of Korean shopping hauls, brands, and experiences. 


One of Megan's most popular videos is her visit to a Korean skin clinic where she experiences some of the many renowned skin treatments that's put Seoul on the map as the world's beauty capital.

Also, check out some of her appropriately picked product choices, including a drink that helps her balance her mood, and beauty.


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