This Superfood, Hwangtae Has 3 Times The Protein Of Chicken


It takes more than just hard work and exercise to get your body into shape. What we eat is just as important. Hwangtae, meaning dried, and often roasted pollack, has 4.5 times as much protein as fresh pollock, more than three times the amount in chicken, and over 16 times the amount in eggs. It's also rich in amino acids: methionine, glutamic acid, glycine, and alanine, which help improve liver function. All this and it's low-fat content make it great for weight control

Hwangtae is gaining steam for its superfood qualities, but it's always been known in Korea as a popular street food and party snack staple. And people have been heading over to Eulji-ro in Seoul for years to enjoy this savory snack, known for its soft and chewy texture. 

Eulji-ro was originally a place where workers would go to de-stress after work, but has recently risen in popularity among the younger generation. It has become the go-to spot to eat dried pollack, have a drink, and hang out with friends. So much so that now Eulji-ro has been nicknamed, “Hipji-ro”, a word that combines Euljiro-ro with the word hip (as in trendy or cool).

And now, after recent research by the Korean Rural Development Administration into the health benefits of Hwangtae, this delicious snack has been labeled a low-calorie, protein-packed superfood. This has made it the perfect food source for those looking to increase their protein intake without having to worry about consuming a large number of calories.

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