This Co-Sleeper Will Help Your Baby Sleep Safe And Sound


It’s an undeniable truth that getting a baby to fall asleep isn’t easy; however, getting them to stay asleep can feel nearly impossible - especially when they are outside of your warm embrace. That’s why parents are loving the Kokonanny Co-sleeping Nest. It saves the day by giving your baby a place to sleep safely and soundly while you rest or take care of some of your own needs. 

While the need for quality sleep is unquestionable, safety is always of the utmost importance for your baby. That’s why the Kokonanny aims to provide the ultimate safe experience by reducing the risk of both SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and flathead syndrome. What’s even more impressive is that every material that comes in contact with your baby is made using 100% cotton, helping prevent atopic dermatitis and asthma - while still offering varying functionality.

Thanks to the Kokonanny’s combination of safety, design, and functionality, it has managed to win the Red Dot Design Award and become the go-to co-sleeping nest for infants under 6 months old around the world. Check out how these new mothers feel about their Kokonanny experience.

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