The Sensitive Skin Solution For Crystal Clear Skin


Etude House is mostly known for cost-effective products with extremely cute packaging, but their Soonjung skincare line takes on a different focus - creating skincare products tailor-made for those with sensitive skin. With this ambition in mind, Etude arrived at the name Soon Jung, hoping that they could provide an effective solution that would live up to the “crystal clear and pure” meaning behind it.

Etude started the development process by investigating the root causes of sensitive skin. They narrowed it down to environmental triggers, dryness, and weakening of the skin barrier. This helped them pinpoint the precise ingredient for the occasion - Panthensoside. This ingredient combines Panthenol, which helps protect the skin barrier and maintain skin hydration, and adds in Madecassoside to soothe irritated skin - leaving you with crystal clear skin.

After its release, the Soon Jung line went on to win the 2017 award for Best New Product at one of the most prestigious beauty awards in Korea, the HwaHae Beauty Awards.

Soon Jung’s success in the skincare market continued with a warm reception from beauty YouTubers around the world. From the U.S., Liah Yoo and Ivan Lim, in South Korea, Soo Beauty and Edward Avila, in India, Aarthi Raman Tamil, and the list goes on - they all had nothing but love for the Soon Jung products. Three products in particular  really seemed to stand out among the rest: the Relief Toner, 10-Free Emulsion, and the 2x Barrier Intensive Cream. We hope to see more great products coming from Etude’s Soon Jung line soon.

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