Here Comes A Stylish, Chic, And Giftable Hand Sanitizer


In the pandemic's early days, shopping for hand sanitizers was a flat-out nightmare, turning a hunt for the liquid gel into a liquid gold rush overnight. But as the world got a grip and adjusted to the “new normal” of hourly hand hygienics, many of us found ourselves wanting more as experienced hand gel connoisseurs. That's where brands like Zero Percent have broken away from a sea of hand sanitizers with its stylish bottling, chic packaging, attractive fragrance, and added skin-care properties. These qualities have transformed what was once a purely functional product into a very giftable item—and just in time, as COVID, unfortunately, will continue to hit hard throughout the large part of the new year. 

But don't let the name “Zero Percent” mislead you, this sanitizer is packed with a 70% microbe killing antibacterial ethyl alcohol, making it tough on germs while gentle enough for kids - leaving your hands with 0% germs and viruses. Its top pump has a unique downward spray dispenser that's lockable, making it a much cooler upgrade that steps away from traditional squeeze and pump bottles. What makes Zero Percent even more gift-worthy are its fresh citrus scent, skin-soothing moisturizing ability, and the fact that it's available in four colors (green, violet, orange, and blue) along with a fifth unscented clear bottle, all nicely packaged and sold separately or as a gift set.