Sissel AB's Korean Traditional Accessories Review
Sissel is a Danish online influencer and model based in Seoul and is frequently traveling across the world. Check out Sissel's frank and straightforward opinions on these accessaries items below and also do not miss her instagram live on Sep. 22nd. Keep on watching.


[Bo & Bong] Ceramics & Jewelry


Korean tradition with a twist



Bo & Bong is a ceramic art studio that crafts elegant Korean handmade ceramics that are sure to become collectible piece(s) worth talking about. These three particular items are exquisite in their combination of simplicity and use of traditional decorative ornaments.

1) Chrysanthemum Pattern Teacup

The Chrysanthemum Pattern Teacups are a charming set of adequately sized cups to fit in your palm. With clean, white bodies and wooden bases, these teacups make drinking an enjoyable ceremony. At the bottom of every cup is a chrysanthemum flower pattern that, through a unique ceramics technique called tube-lining, protrudes to double as an excellent cookie-cutter mold. When not in use, these teacups also make for an incredible decorative piece to display.

2) Tapis Earring

These tapis earrings are light weight ceramic pendants that you can customize yourself by adding various decorations. Their small and compact allows them to match and go well with any outfit for multiple occasions.

3) CeraSilver Ceramic Jewelry

These CeraSilver Ceramic Jewelry pieces are each made with care individually handpainted with gold. These fire pottery pieces are also carefully baked in the kiln three times, ensuring their lightweight and sturdiness. They are made with ceramic and silver blended materials, which gives the product their unique and ornamental design elements.

If you're seeking a unique decorative item or jewelry for yourself or as a gift that incorporates Korean tradition with a contemporary twist, then Bo & Bong is worth adding to any collection.