Ring That Special Someone's Love Alarm On White Day


The popular Netflix show Love Alarm” features a complicated love triangle between best friends, played by Song Kang, Jung Ga Ram, and their classmate Kim Jo Jo (played by Kim So Hyun), a girl who faces the world practically alone due to some difficult family circumstances. Their relationships are complicated by a smartphone app that shows the user how many people around you are actually in love with you - leaving everyone's love on display. The last season ended on a cliffhanger, and everyone was dying to know - who will Jo Jo finally end up with?! Well, you won't have to wait much longer, as this series is almost on its way back for season 2. 

The new season starts March 12th, and we can’t wait to binge-watch the entire season. What makes the return date even more exciting is that it’s here just in time for you and that special someone to cozy up and watch together on White Day.

What’s White Day you ask? It started off as Marshmallow Day as a way to market marshmallows to men but then became a sort of “answer day” to Valentine’s Day—which was originally celebrated in Korea by women giving men gifts. White Day would then serve as a special day where people would give their significant others a reciprocal gift to the one they received on Valentine’s Day. To help you celebrate your love on White Day, we’ve prepared a list of great gifts to give the one you love - because love should be celebrated more than just one day a year.

White Day gift ideas for her:

Minwhee Art Jewelry - White Earrings & Necklace

This beautiful handmade necklace and earring set serves as an amazing gift to give your girlfriend on White Day. Its rose gold setting and epoxy white center make for a sleek, eye-catching piece that is both classy and sophisticated. Making it perfect to wear for almost any occasion.

L-GA - Black White Chocoberry Large

There is one truth that must never be forgotten. You can NEVER go wrong with chocolate. L-GA turns up the flavor profile by boxing up chocolate-covered strawberries that after just one bite will leave your mouth watering for more. Plus, chocolate is a classic White Day and Valentine’s Day staple, so why not share some with the one you love.

White Day gift ideas for him:

Sterlingworth - Fallin-w Necklace

Does this captivating necklace look familiar? If you haven’t recognized it already, this is the same necklace made popular after being worn by former Wanna One members, Kang Daniel and Park Ji Hoon. This handcrafted, pendant-style piece is made with sterling silver and carries a native gemstone at its center. Its clean design makes it an easy-to-wear necklace that is sure to become a go-to accessory for the one you love.


Yorizle Fish Grill Pan With Silicone Rim Glass Lid

There’s no better way to someone’s heart than good food and this grilling pan makes it easy to take the barbeque experience inside. Give your boyfriend the heads up that you want him to cook you a nice warm meal - even if he isn’t the best cook. This pan works for grilling everything from pork belly to fish, and even healthy veggies.

White Day gift ideas to share:

No.612 Citrus Love Herbal Tea

If you're a couple that loves tea, this Citrus Love flavor tea from Kew & Leaves would make a pleasantly fragrant treat. This herb blended tea is blended with tangerine peel, chamomile, citrus-flavored lemon myrtle, and peppermint. It’s perfectly balanced using local ingredients, and the finest tea leaves and herbs from around the world. This Superior Taste Award (Belgium) winning tea will offer a great beverage for you and your significant other to enjoy together.

Get Citrus Love Tea

Glutinous Rice Yakgwa Set 1kg

Nothing goes better with tea than some cookies, but how about trying a different kind of cookie with this traditional Yakgwa set? These deliciously soft, honey-glazed cookies will take your flavor palette on a journey to somewhere it has never been before. The perfect Korean snack to eat while watching a k-drama like Love Alarm with your White Day partner.

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After exchanging gifts, there’s no better way to spend White Day this year than to lay together wrapped up in some comfy warm blankets, eating some cookies with tea, and watching the latest season of Love Alarm.