Ready For A Lip Tint Created For You, By You?


All My Things (AMTS) knows that the true experts of any product are the users, and they're here to give you exactly what you wish for. Before they develop a product, they first gather input from surveys and online voting, then examine the results to see what drives their users' happiness and makes them feel beautiful. With direct customer feedback, they develop products that capture all the things you love - making you their ultimate inspiration.

Their staple, I’m Your Lip Tint, embraces your lips with moisture, leaving them with a long-lasting and glowing, rich color. They provide an anti-wrinkle effect through a sophisticated combination of moonflower oil, golden omega oil, and plum seed oil, and a coating of cacao seed butter is added to trap in moisture and protect the lips. With feedback from precisely 2,856 beauty enthusiasts, AMTS brings you a lip tint that will take you from looking ordinary to feeling extraordinary.