JMSmart PuppyDoc Dog Activity & Sun Exposure Tracker

Dogs cannot talk, so it’s hard to notice when something’s wrong. They can’t tell you that they’re in pain, or that they’re feeling a bit under the weather. And because you love your four-legged furry friends, you wonder: How do I give them better care that fits their needs? How do I keep them safe and secure? Introducing PuppyDoc! PuppyDoc is a wearable healthcare device invented solely to help you monitor your furiend’s health. PuppyDoc can help you ensure your pet is happier, healthier, and more stable! Here’s why pet owners just love PuppyDoc:

01. Improve Your Dog’s Biorhythm

Morning sun helps lower melatonin levels and jumpstarts your dog’s metabolism. Late afternoon sunlight, on the other hand, raises melatonin levels, helping your furiend prepare for bedtime. These are just two reasons why dogs need adequate exposure to raw sunlight every day.
PuppyDoc’s linked smartphone app makes it easy for you to remember how much sunlight is crucial depending on your dog’s breed. It also gives the appropriate amount of exercise time based on your dog's breed and age. This topnotch, on-hand level of accuracy is what you need to maintain your furry friends’ health in tiptop shape.

02. Understand Your Dog’s Needs

Why do our furry darlings behave the way they do? Sometimes they go for zoomies, sometimes they just curl up for hours! Or, they dig in your closet for a shoe to chew on!
Would you like to understand your dog's behavior pattern? PuppyDoc makes this possible for you! Attach one onto your dog’s collar or harness and get clued in on just what your dog needs. Each PuppyDoc unit comes fitted with a 3-axis accelerometer, a tracking technology that helps analyze your dog’s activity levels and lets you know whether your dog needs exercise, rest, or sleep.

03. Track Your Dog’s Location

Worried about pet theft? Cannot let your dogs go off-leash because you worry about losing them in the park or at the mall? Worry no more. Once your four-legged angels have PuppyDoc, simply access GPS through the app, and find them. This system lets you check on your pets from afar, giving you peace of mind. Monitoring their well-being has never been this easy!  PuppyDoc makes for less worries, so you can have more fun bonding with your pets. Now get those sneakers on and hurry off to some great outdoor adventure with your dogs – off-leash! They will feel your trust, they will relish the freedom. Best of all, they will love you more for it!

04. Enjoy the Versatility

PuppyDoc comes in different colors, just right for that fun touch to your furiend’s leash or harness. It’s also light, flexible, and waterproof: yes, you can go swimming with your furry angels and still keep tabs on them!  Its battery has a charging time of only 20 minutes and can last up to seven days – perfect for when you feel like exploring outdoors with your pet!  Best of all, PuppyDoc does not require monthly or annual subscriptions. Just download the free app on your phone and enter your dog’s information. You can even add more pets in the PuppyDog app, and receive gentle reminders about all of their health needs!

Wearable PuppyDoc is JMSmart’s stylish and innovative solution to your pet care concerns. JMSmart, a Korean IOT company, has just finished its Kickstarter campaign for PuppyDoc with resounding success. If you want to buy this high-tech sun exposure tracker, please check out the item below.